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Cute Scarecrow Gnome (Dollar Store DIY) 

Gnomes are always a popular craft, and I especially love when crafts are easy and inexpensive. Which makes this cute scarecrow gnome one of my favorites for fall!

Using a Dollar Tree mop head, we made an adorable scarecrow gnome that is perfect for hanging on the front door or inside your home.

Scarecrow Gnome scarecrow with a hat and a pumpkin next to it.

Dollar Tree cotton mop heads are a surprising craft material that you can repurpose in so many ways. Be sure to see my mop head ghosts for a really easy Halloween DIY!

And we also used a mop head to make this witch gnome, as well as a Santa gnome.

All of the materials (except the wooden bead) were bought at the Dollar Tree. Quite honestly, you can probably find the wooden beads there, too, but I didn’t see them.

You will have quite a few jumbo craft sticks leftover from this craft, which you can use for these DIY ideas:

Diy scarecrow gnome made with popsicle sticks.

If you love scarecrow crafts, be sure to see our foam dice scarecrow and scarecrow decorative plate, too.

This DIY project actually uses many of the same supplies as our cutting board scarecrow, so you can easily make both for less money.

How to Make a Scarecrow Gnome (Using a Mop Head)


  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Cotton Mop Head
  • Wooden Ball or Bead
  • Brown Buttons
  • Gingham Ribbon (Orange and Green)
  • Silk Sunflower
  • Natural Jute Twine
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (Gold, Light Brown, and Medium Brown)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
  • Gallon Zip-Top Bag (such as Ziploc)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Ruler
Scarecrow Gnome craft kit with paint, scissors, glue and other supplies.


Step 1

Cut approximately 30 strings from the cotton mop head with scissors.

Dampen the cut mop strings under running water and then squeeze the excess water out. Place them in a gallon zipper bag.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 1 pair of scissors and a mop on a wooden table.

Step 2

Squeeze the gold acrylic craft paint into the bag with the mop strings, then zip it closed.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 2A bottle of yellow paint next to a plastic bag.

Squish the paint around inside the bag into the cotton mop strings until they are all coated. 

Scarecrow Gnome Step 2B plastic bag with a bottle of yellow paint next to it.

Step 3

Dump out the gold mop strings from the plastic bag onto a piece of aluminum foil.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 3A person is putting yellow noodles on a piece of foil.

Then line up the strings to be straight, and set aside to dry.

The paint will stiffen the mop strings into the shape that you lay them down as, so make sure they are straight during the drying process.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 3C pile of yellow twigs on a wooden surface.

Step 4

Now make the scarecrow hat. Measure six jumbo craft sticks to be four-inches long and cut with scissors.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 4A Popsicle sticks and scissors on a wooden table.

Using scissors, trim the additional jumbo craft sticks to the width of the hat and glue in the back to hold the six sticks together.

Flip the hat over and attach one full craft stick to the base as the hat brim.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 4B pair of scissors and a glue gun on a wooden surface.

Step 5

Paint the entire front of the hat with light brown acrylic craft paint. Let dry, and apply a second coat, if needed.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 5A Popsicle sticks with paint and a brush.

Dry brush medium brown acrylic craft paint in a cross-hatch pattern on the front of the hat to resemble burlap. Let dry completely.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 5B wooden hat with paint and a brush next to it.

Step 6

Flip the hat over and glue 15 cotton mop head strings along the bottom wooden craft stick. 

Scarecrow Gnome Step 6 glue gun and sticks on a wooden table.

Step 7

Glue the other 15 cotton mop head strings on a second layer.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 7 pair of scissors and a glue gun on a wooden table.

Step 8

Flip the hat to face forward and glue the wooden ball to the top center of the scarecrow’s beard, just underneath the hat brim. 

Scarecrow Gnome Step 8 glue gun is being used to make a scarecrow hat.

Step 9

Tie the green gingham ribbon into a small bow. Glue a sunflower to the center of the bow.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 9A pair of scissors and a bunch of sunflowers on a wooden table.

Glue the bow to the scarecrow’s hat.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 9B broom with a glue gun and sunflowers.

Step 10

Cut a scrap of orange gingham ribbon in a square. Glue it to the hat and then draw stitches with a black marker over the ribbon and onto the hat.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 10A wooden scarecrow hat with scissors and ribbon.

Thread a small piece of natural jute twine through a brown button and tie with a knot in the front.

Glue the button to the scarecrow’s hat.

Scarecrow Gnome Step 10B broom with a broom handle and a broom handle.

To hang the scarecrow, use another piece of jute twine to make a loop. Glue the loop to the back of the hat and allow to dry completely.

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Dollar tree scarecrow gnome craft.

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