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DIY Gnome Wine Bottle Topper

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Cute gnomes are super popular for Christmas 2021! You’ll see them everywhere. But why buy them when you can make them? My easy gnome wine bottle topper is the perfect way to give a bottle of wine as a gift, or to decorate your bar at home.

DIY Gnome Wine Bottle Toppers

I absolutely love these cute little felt gnomes. I didn’t realize it was so easy to make them! Just follow the instructions below. The only pattern you need is for the hat. Super easy!

DIY Gnome Wine Bottle Topper Decoration

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How to Use a Gnome Wine Bottle Cover

There are many reasons to make a gnome wine bottle cover. Here’s some great ideas:

  • Top an empty wine bottle to add gnome decor to a shelf or on a table.
  • Use as a Christmas tree topper on a small (and thin) tree.
  • Cover a bottle of cocktail mixer or sparkling water with the felt gnome.
  • Use to top a liquor bottle.
  • Add a few to bottles you already have on your bar to decorate throughout your home.
  • Of course, make a gift of wine even more special and whimsical when you add one of these covers on top.

If you don’t have time for a DIY project, consider buying these adorable Christmas gnomes that come with arms and mittens!

How to Make a Gnome Wine Bottle Topper


DIY Gnome Wine Topper Craft Supplies


Print out the gnome hat pattern. Place the pattern on top of the felt sheet and cut along the solid line.

Cutting Felt for Gnome DIY Craft
Cut Out Felt Half Circle

Cut an 18” long strand of yarn.

Felt Half Circle with Ruler and Yarn

Continue cutting additional strands (you will need approximately 30 strands per wine bottle gnome).

Apply a dab of glue to the felt hat about 2” from the side along the curved edge. 

Hot Glueing Felt Half Circle Gnome Hat

Press the middle of one strand of yarn into the glue.

Yarn and Felt for Gnome Craft

Continue gluing the remaining yarn strands in a row (towards the straight edge of the hat) that measures 4” across.

Yarn Gnome Beard Craft
Ruler and Yarn for Craft Project
Yarn Strands for DIY

For any remaining strands, glue them over top of the strands that have already been glued down.

Fold over the loose ends of the yarn away from the felt hat. 

Folded Yarn Strand Gnome Beard

Next, fold the one corner of the felt hat inwards as shown. Then wrap the felt into a cone-shaped gnome hat.

Folding Felt Into Gnome Hat and Beard

Glue the overlapping edges of the felt cone-shaped hat to hold in place. 

Hot Glueing Felt Hat

Glue the decorative button to the top of the hat at the overlapping point.

Button on Felt Hat Craft

Center one wood ball in the middle of the yarn, just below the edge of the hat and glue in place. 

Gnome Nose on DIY Craft

Trim any really long and uneven yarn ends.

DIY Gnome Wine Topper Made of Felt and Yarn

Place your gnome wine bottle cover over a bottle of wine or liquor. Feel free to move the gnome beard around to reveal the bottle underneath. You could even braid it!

DIY Felt Gnome Wine Bottle cover

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