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Easy Craft Stick Wreath (Dollar Store DIY)

Some places call for small wreaths and this craft stick wreath is perfect for hanging where you don’t have a lot of space.

Using dollar store supplies, we made this thin, lightweight and small wreath for just a few dollars. It takes less than 30 minutes to make this tiny farmhouse wreath that is big on style!

Craft Stick Wreath With White Flowers with Yellow Ribbon

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DIY Craft Stick Wreath

Most of the materials were bought at the Dollar Tree.


  • Jumbo Wooden Craft Sticks
  • 6-inch Diameter Flat Wreath Form
  • Silk Flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Dark Brown Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Towels or Baby Wipes
  • Scissors
Craft Stick Wreath Materials


Step 1

Measure 14 jumbo wooden craft sticks in half and mark with a pencil. These jumbo craft sticks are 6” long, so you will make a mark about 3” down the craft stick.

Cut the craft sticks in half with a pair of scissors.

Craft Stick Wreath Step 1

Step 2

Lay 14 of the half craft sticks around the flat wreath form in a starburst style pattern with the flat end in the center. Doing this before gluing allows you to space out everything evenly.

Craft Stick Wreath Step 2

Once you have the spacing arranged correctly, glue the sticks on with the hot glue.

Step 3

Repeat the process with the second layer of craft sticks. Lay the remaining 14 sticks on top of the craft sticks on the base. Position the sticks in between the craft sticks on the first layer.

Craft Stick Wreath Step 3

Glue the second layer of craft sticks on top of the first layer.

Step 4

Mix dark brown acrylic craft paint with some water on a paper plate. Quickly paint the craft sticks with the watered-down paint mixture. Make sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies and along the sides of the sticks.

Craft Stick Wreath Step 4A

This will give the unfinished wooden craft sticks a stained look without having to actually use stain.

Craft Stick Wreath Step 4B

If you would like, you can wipe off some of the brown paint after applying for a weathered, more rustic look. Use a wet paper towel or a baby wipe to gently wipe off some of the brown paint before it dries completely.

Step 5

Remove flowers and leaves from the stems of a silk flower bunch.

Glue the flowers and leaves to the bottom right-hand side of the wreath.

Craft Stick Wreath Step 5A

Tie a bow with ribbon and trim the ends with scissors. Then glue the bow to the top center of the wreath.

Craft Stick Wreath Step 5B

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Tess S.

Wednesday 1st of May 2024

Super cute!


Wednesday 8th of May 2024

Thank you, Tess!