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DIY Candy Corn Gnome

This cute candy corn gnome is absolutely perfect for Halloween! Whether or not you love this iconic holiday sweet treat, you have to admit that this gnome is adorable!

I made this easy gnome with a plastic jar from the Dollar Tree. In fact, almost all of the supplies were purchased at the dollar store.

A candy corn gnome on a tablecloth.
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This cheerful gnome is the perfect gift for adults for Halloween! It can be so hard to find something appropriate to give to friends and family for the holiday, but this idea is great because it is a decoration and candy!

If you are doing a You’ve Been Booed Halloween gift exchange, this is a perfect gift!

A candy corn gnome.

Helpful Tips

  • I used double-sided tape to attach many of the items because I want to be able to reuse the jar (I’m thrifty like that.)
  • The candy corn gnome can be opened to get the Halloween candy inside. However, you must be sure not to glue the nose to the beard and hat together, because then the jar lid cannot be easily unscrewed from the jar.
  • You can use a mason jar or canning jar to make this gnome. However, the dimensions for the pattern pieces will not work in the same way. You can try scaling the pattern up to fit a larger jar.
  • I buy a fake beard in the toy section for the faux fur I use in my gnome crafts. While probably not the cheapest option, it is an easy way to get fur for the crafts without needing to go to the fabric store or order a lot of fur online.
  • I bought most of my supplies, including the jar, felt, fur, pom-pom, tape and candy from the Dollar Tree. The wooden beads I had from making my DIY Gnome Ornament and are the same size.
A person holding a candy corn gnome in a jar.

How to Make a Candy Corn Gnome


  • Craft Jar from the Dollar Tree (4.5 oz plastic jar found in the craft section)
  • 6-oz. Bag of Candy Corn
  • White felt
  • Orange felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Free Candy Corn Gnome Pattern
  • Faux Fur
  • 1-inch orange pom-pom
  • 3/4 inch round wooden bead with no holes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Double-sided tape (optional)
A candy corn gnome sitting next to a piece of felt on a table.


Step 1

Pour candy corn into your jar and seal the lid.

Candy corn gnome in a mason jar.

Step 2

Using the large gnome hat pattern, cut out a hat from white felt.

A candy corn gnome with a marker on it.

Use the smaller patterns to cut out pieces from yellow and orange felt.

Two candy corns stacked on top of each other.

Step 3

Roll the white gnome hat pattern piece into a cone hat. This could take a few tries, as rolling the felt in a cone shape to create a hat isn’t always perfect the first time around!

A hand is holding a paper towel next to a jar of candy corn.

Continue adjusting and arranging the felt until you have a cone-shaped hat that fits snugly around the lid of the jar.

Glue the hat closed along the open edge of the felt to secure the shape.

A person using a glue gun on a piece of foil.

Step 4

Glue the large yellow candy corn felt piece on the bottom of the hat. Make sure that the yellow overlaps any of the white edges.

A person holding a candy corn cone.

Then, glue the orange piece above the yellow piece, slightly overlapping the edge.

A felt candy corn gnome.

Step 5

Cut out the gnome beard pattern from fur. Brush out the fur beard to remove any loose pieces.

A candy corn gnome with a note written on a piece of white fur.

Glue (or tape) the beard to the front of the jar, just underneath the lid.

A candy jar with white fur and Scotch tape.

Step 6

Attach the candy corn gnome hat to the lid of the jar. You can glue the hat to the lid or use double-sided tape.

Scotch tape and white fur next to a candy jar with candy corn.
A person is holding up a candy corn gnome hat.

Step 7

Glue the orange pom-pom on top of the gnome hat.

A hand holding a candy corn hat worn by a gnome.

Glue the wooden bead on top of the beard just underneath the hat in the front of the jar. Be sure to not glue the bead onto the hat, only the beard, if you want to be able to open the jar to get the candy out.

A person holding a candy corn gnome hat.

You can also watch the full tutorial on my YouTube channel:

A candy corn gnome on a tablecloth.

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Free candy corn gnome pattern.

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