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Foam Dice Scarecrow (Dollar Store DIY)

We have been making lots of foam dice crafts this year and our foam dice scarecrow is such a great decoration for Fall! Using Dollar Tree supplies, we made this adorable scarecrow in about 30 minutes.

This craft pairs well with our foam dice pumpkins. The dice are sold in a 2-pack, so you could make one of each for just a few dollars.

Foam Dice Scarecrow sitting on a table next to pumpkins.

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Craft: foam dice scarecrow.

DIY Foam Dice Scarecrow Craft

All materials, other than the paint, were purchased at the Dollar Tree. I have added links to comparable items available online if you don’t have a dollar store.


Foam Dice Scarecrow craft kit with a glue gun, scissors and paint.


Step 1

Paint the foam dice with off-white acrylic craft paint. Let dry and apply a second coat.

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 1 a bottle of paint with a brush next to it.

Step 2

Measure and cut a section of raffia to 8” long.

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 2 pair of scissors next to a ruler and a bunch of straw.

Step 3

Tie a piece of jute twine around the center of the 8” bundle of raffia. Secure with a knot.

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 3 pair of scissors and a piece of hay on a wooden table.

Step 4

Glue the raffia hair to the top center of the foam dice. Then glue down the raffia on the right and left sides of the face.

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 4 glue gun next to a piece of hay.

Step 5

Glue a mini burlap hat to the top front of the foam dice. Then glue the front of the hat brim down to the scarecrow’s forehead.

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 5 glue gun with a straw hat next to it.

Step 6

Cut a small triangle from dark orange craft felt with scissors, and then round the corners off.

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 6A pair of scissors and a marker on a wooden table.

Glue the felt nose and two wiggle eyes to the scarecrow’s face.

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 6B scarecrow with a glue gun next to it.

Step 7

Using a new and clean pencil eraser, create cheeks by dipping into pink acrylic craft paint and stamping on the face on either side of the nose. 

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 7 scarecrow with a pencil next to it.

Step 8

Foam Dice Scarecrow Step 8 scarecrow with a marker next to it.

To finish the scarecrow face, draw on a smile from cheek to cheek with a black permanent marker. Then add vertical stitches using the marker.

Be sure to Pin This Foam Dice Scarecrow craft to save for later!

Create a scarecrow using foam dice.

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