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20 Cool Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Are you wanting stunning Easter eggs that will have your friends and family asking how you made them? Looking for a new fun activity to share with kids? If so, then these ideas are for you!

These cool ways to dye Easter eggs don’t need a kit. Which means you can start making them right now, without having to go to a store to buy a ho-hum egg dyeing kit like everyone else.

20 cool ways to dye Easter eggs.

While all of the recipes below use items you probably already have at home, we couldn’t resist sharing this cute EggMazing Egg Decorator Kit that you might want to order right now! It spins the egg in a bunny-shaped machine and kids add color with markers. So much fun!

Cool Ways to Dye Eggs

These are the best, unique ways to color eggs without a kit! Check out these Easter grass alternatives for even more unique ideas for your Easter basket this year!

Dying Eggs with Kool Aid

Use a pack of Kool-Aid as Easter egg dye! This egg dyeing technique couldn’t be easier! Plus, it doesn’t use any vinegar, so there is no smell!

pouring kool aid drink mix into cup to dye eggs

Dyeing Eggs with Cool Whip

You can dye eggs with Cool Whip! If you have some whipped cream or Cool Whip at home, this fun project is as pretty to look at while you are making it as the eggs are after you are done!

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Rice Dyed Easter Eggs

Rice and a plastic bag can be used to make speckled Easter eggs! This method is so easy to do, and it does not require vinegar!

Marbled Easter Eggs

Using cooking oil and food dye, you can create gorgeous marbled eggs that are perfect for a beautiful Easter brunch.

Shaving Cream Eggs

Another way to make marbled eggs is with shaving cream. Dyeing eggs with shaving cream is surprisingly easy and inexpensive.

Dye Eggs with Turmeric

You won’t believe how colorful these yellow eggs are when using turmeric spice as a dye for Easter eggs.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

You won’t need any food coloring when making tissue paper Easter eggs! Here’s the easy method of coloring the eggs without any messy dyes.

Use Nail Polish to Dye Eggs

Color eggs with nail polish for vibrant and bold colors that you can’t get with edible dyes.

nail polish easter eggs cluster on white marble

Mermaid Easter Eggs

An easy egg coloring technique with food dye creates whimsical Easter egg decorations that look like a mermaid tail.

Dye Eggs with Blueberries

An all-natural way to dye Easter eggs using only fruit. You’ll love using blueberries to dye eggs.

You can even use the leftover blueberries for making a pie or jam!

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

If you have food coloring, then it’s easy to make these retro boho tie-dyed eggs.

colorful tie dyed Easter eggs on blue placemat

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Glitter Eggs

We have got 2 different tutorials for how to make sparkly glitter eggs for Easter. Each is easy but uses different materials.

Colorful DIY glitter-coated Easter eggs arranged closely together.
DIY Glitter Easter eggs Step 7

Dye Eggs with Tea

Black tea is one of the most inexpensive ingredients you can find to dye Easter eggs. These tea-dyed eggs have a farmhouse feel with their neutral brown color palette.

Use Beets to Color Eggs

If you have ever eaten a beet, you know how colorful the vegetable is! Why not use that rich, dark beet juice to color eggs a pretty shade of pink?!

Blackberry Dye for Easter Eggs

Similar to dyeing eggs with blueberries, use dark colored blackberries to dye eggs a subtle shade of blue.

A wooden bowl containing frosted blue eggs dyed in cool ways and blackberries.

Gilded Eggs

For fancy eggs that look rich and luxurious, use gold leaf to make gilded eggs.

Gilded Easter Egg on white background

Galaxy Eggs

We have two different ways to make these Galaxy Easter eggs. These multi-colored galaxy eggs are great for teens, tweens and anyone that is looking for a cosmic vibe with their Easter decorations!

Galaxy-themed easter eggs nestled in straw with a hint of a galaxy decorative element in the foreground.
Galaxy Easter Egg on blue background

Classic Egg Dyeing Method

If you want a basic way to dye eggs, then be sure to see our guide to dyeing Easter eggs with food coloring.

brightly colored eggs on a wooden board

If eggs are too expensive or you have an allergy to eggs, use our guide for how to color potatoes for Easter instead of eggs.

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Explore 20 cool ways to dye Easter eggs.

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