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Easy Nail Polish Easter Eggs

It’s easy to make marbled nail polish Easter eggs. Grab a bottle from your medicine cabinet and start making them today!

nail polish easter eggs on white background

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to decorate eggs, then you must try nail polish egg decorating!

The way this works is that you add nail polish to water. Since nail polish won’t blend with the water, it sits on top. As you add an egg, it captures those droplets of nail polish on the shell, creating a beautiful, marbled effect.

You can use nail polish that you already have at home. Or buy some cheap bottles at a dollar store to use for this craft.

Use all one color, or mix colors for a varied effect that is gorgeous.

I used this nail polish marbling technique on these painted seashells, too.

nail polish easter eggs cluster on white marble

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How to Dye Eggs with Nail Polish


  • White hard-boiled eggs, completely cooled
  • Plastic cup
  • Nail polish
  • Plastic fork
nail polish easter eggs supplies


Step 1:

Fill a plastic cup with room temperature water. Leave plenty of space for the egg to be dropped in and the water to rise.

Step 2:

Add a few drops of nail polish to the water in the cup. The nail polish should float on top of the water.

nail polish easter eggs step 3

Step 3:

Gently place the egg into the nail polish and water mixture. The egg will pick up the nail polish as it sinks to the bottom.

nail polish easter eggs step 4

Step 4:

Use a plastic fork or disposable tongs to get the egg out from the cup. Place on a piece of parchment paper, a drying rack (remember that nail polish might adhere to the rack), or place in the original egg carton to dry.

Step 5:

Repeat with the remaining eggs. You will need to add nail polish every now and then to have enough to cover additional eggs.

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