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How to Tie Dye Easter Eggs

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to dye Easter eggs with materials you already have at home, then this easy method is perfect for you!

Here are the 5 simple steps for how to tie dye Easter eggs. This egg dyeing technique that doesn’t use vinegar might just become your favorite way to color hard boiled eggs.

colorful tie dyed Easter eggs on blue placemat

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How to Tie Dye Easter Eggs with Food Coloring


  • White hard-boiled eggs, dry and cooled completely
  • Food coloring
  • Coffee filters
  • Twist ties
  • Water spray bottle
Tie Dye Easter Eggs supplies


Step 1

 Wrap each egg in a coffee filter and twist-tie it to close.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs Step 1
Tie Dye Easter Eggs Step 2

Step 2

Place drops of food coloring directly on the coffee filters. Be sure to leave some white spaces as well. Put as many or as few drops on as you would like. You can use all one color or different colors.

I used gloves so that the food dye wouldn’t stain my fingers!

Tie Dye Easter Eggs step 3

Step 3

Gently spray each dot with the water bottle. The food coloring will spread and mix with the other colors.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs step 4

Step 4

Gently squeeze the water with light pressure out of the coffee filters. You can do this by grasping the egg in your hand and applying gentle pressure without enough strength to crack the egg shells.

Place on a sheet pan, lined with paper towels, to dry overnight. Keep in mind, the food coloring could soak through the paper towels and get onto the baking pan below.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs step 5

Step 5

Once dry, unwrap the eggs from inside the dried coffee filters.

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tie dyed Easter eggs on blue background

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Tuesday 9th of March 2021

Love the tie dye eggs & the blue felt place mat.I’m looking for felt table runner, where did you find?

Single Girls DIY

Friday 12th of March 2021

Thanks, Debbie! I think it was one like the kind you get in The Dollar Tree around holiday time.