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DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

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Add a touch of glam to your holiday decorations with these easy DIY glitter Easter eggs!

DIY Glitter Easter eggs cluster blue background

Can you ever have enough glitter? I think not!

Which is why these glittery Easter eggs are so much fun to make.

I did try this project with real eggs first. And it did work great. So you can use them on Easter eggs for your basket.

However, I’d recommend only using wooden eggs (or another reusable egg such as these inexpensive styrofoam eggs). Especially because the glitter got everywhere! And you don’t want to eat glitter, unless it is edible glitter (like these gorgeous glitters).

DIY Glitter Easter eggs Step 9

How to Make Glitter Easter Eggs


DIY Glitter Easter Eggs supplies


Step 1:

Paint each egg in the color of your choosing. Make sure that the entire egg is coated. Let dry completely.

DIY Glitter Easter eggs Step 1
DIY Glitter Easter eggs Step 2

Step 2:

Put the glitter in a plastic cup.

Step 3:

Using a brush, apply a thick coat of Mod Podge over the entire egg. 

Step 4:

Put your egg into the plastic cup with the glitter. Gently shake the cup around to coat the egg. You can also pour the glitter over the egg, or take a spoon and try to spoon the glitter over the egg, too.

Once completely coated, allow the eggs to dry for 1 hour.

DIY Glitter Easter eggs Step 6
DIY Glitter Easter eggs Step 7

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