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Secret Cupid Gift Exchange

Want to spread some love this Valentine’s Day to friends, neighbors and co-workers? Then the Secret Cupid Gift Exchange is exactly what you are looking for!

Surprising people with a small token of friendship to say that you are glad they are in your life is the perfect way to spread love for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day.

After all, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be for couples or romantic relationships. It should be about showing the people you like that you are glad they are in your life!

What is the Secret Cupid Game?

Secret Cupid is a gift exchange game that spreads cheer to others when they are least expecting it. The idea is so surprise someone with small gifts for no reason, just to bring them happiness.

These are similar types of gifting games for other holidays:

This game keeps the expense low, because you only need to give a few treats. It is the element of surprise that is fun with this Valentine’s Day game.

Secret Cupid gift exchange is a popular morale booster with teachers to surprise other teachers with small gifts on their desk. The joy-filled game is also popular among neighbors and friends and co-workers in other professions.

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Secret Cupid Gift Ideas

What are some inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gifts to surprise someone? There are so many gift ideas to choose from, including:

Plants are great non-food gift items for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check out these fun DIY projects:

Most of these items can be bought at the dollar store, which makes them really affordable.

Be sure to include one of our cute “You’ve Been Arrowed” door hanger so that they know what is happening!

Secret Cupid Gift Exchange Printables and Instructions

It is hard to surprise someone with Valentine’s Day treats if they don’t understand the game!

While you can definitely surprise someone with unexpected gifts, it is also fun to keep the game going for others, too. That is why you want to add a copy of our Secret Cupid game instructions and printable tags.

Our free Secret Cupid printables are perfect to attach to gifts. In fact, the labels and DIY stickers can be used for any Valentine’s Day gifts or parties.

The printables include:

  • You’ve Been Arrowed instructions sheet
  • You’ve Been Arrowed Door Hanger
  • We’ve Been Arrowed Door Hanger
  • 7 Valentine’s Day Gift Tags and Stickers

Use white sticker paper to make the free printable stickers with an adhesive backing.

Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Get these cute gnome coloring pages that are so cute to color for Valentines Day!

10 unique designs give hours of stress-relieving fun and adorable decorations!

Only available in our Single Girls DIY library

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