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Aloe You Vera Much Pot

Our easy Aloe You Vera Much pot is the perfect way to give a gift without being overly sentimental. It’s an ideal Valentines Day present to give to a friend or family member. Especially anyone that loves houseplants!

Aloe You Vera Much Planter Pot

This decorated plant pot is great because it can stay out all year long. And everytime they look at it they will think of you!

Keep in mind that this pot is smaller than a traditional plant pot. It’s a perfect little way of saying I love you. And because it’s small, they can tuck it anywhere at home or the office without having to make room for it.

aloe plant in terra cotta pot

These make really great wedding favors! And they’re perfect for a Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day table setting.

Our free download makes this easy to make right now!

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Do I Need to Use Mod Podge?

Yes! Terracotta is a very porous surface and therefore needs to be sealed prior to painting to avoid discoloration and cracking of the paint after watering.

If you don’t use a sealant, then the water that is absorbed by the pot from then soil will make the decoration fall off.

aloe plant in terra cotta pot on top of black painted saucer

Can I Make This with a Bigger Pot?

You can, but you’ll need to increase the size of the free image. There could be some distortion if you do that.

Where Can I Get Small Aloe Vera Plants?

Aloe is technically a succulent. You can often find small succulent starter plants in garden centers for inexpensive.

DIY Aloe You Vera Much Planter DIY

DIY Aloe You Vera Much Pot


Aloe You Vera Much Pot Supplies


1. Brush an even coat of Mod Podge sealer over the entire surface of the terracotta pot and saucer (inside and outside). Leave it to dry fully.

Painting terracotta pot with Mod Podge

2. Working quickly and in small sections at a time, brush on a layer of Chalky Finish in Lace. With a clean, slightly damp paper towel, wipe away the excess paint leaving behind a weathered finish on the pot. Continue until the entire pot is painted. Leave it to dry.

Painting terracotta pot with chalky white
Distressing Terracotta planter with chalky white
Small chalky terracotta pot

3. Paint the saucer in black. Leave it to dry.

Painting terracotta saucer black

4. Download and print the ‘Aloe You Vera Much’ file maintaining the scale at 1.5” wide and leaving the text in reverse as formatted on standard printer paper.

The results using a laser printer will be better than with an inkjet printer but both methods are possible. Trim the printout closely around the ‘Aloe You Vera Much’ phrase.

5. With the printout facing upwards, apply mod podge over top of the phrase.

Applying Mod Podge to Aloe You Vera Much print out

6. Press the printout to the pot with the phrase side against the pot and leave the glue to dry, about 30 minutes. 

Terracotta planter with print out attached

7. Dampen the glued print out and carefully, gently begin to peel away the paper leaving just the phrase on the terracotta pot. Avoid over dampening the paper.

Excess rubbing will cause the phrase to rub off as well so take extra care with this step to rub off only the white paper layers.

Terracotta planter with design print out dampened
Terracotta planter with Aloe You Vera Much print out being removed
Removing print out paper from terracotta pot
Aloe You Vera Much design on planter

8. Once again, seal the entire surface of the terracotta pot (inside and outside) and saucer using Mod Podge sealing the transferred phrase as well. Leave it to dry fully before planting the aloe vera.

Painting Aloe You Vera Much Pot with Mod Podge

9. To add an aloe vera plant, place a few pebbles inside the pot to help with drainage.

Pebbles in terracotta pot craft

Add a layer of potting soil and then place the aloe vera plant root into the soil. Add more soil until the plant is supported in the pot. Water as needed.

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Friday 12th of April 2024

love this idea I make simple crafts with my great grand daughter who is almost 3 this is a perfect craft for her to make for mother's day.


Friday 19th of April 2024

So glad to hear that, Cheri! Hope she loves it!!!