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Homemade Hand Poured Soy Candle

I always thought that making homemade candles was difficult. Until I figured out that a DIY hand poured soy candle is so simple to make!

DIY hand poured Soy Candle

Seriously, these candles are easy. Yet they look really expensive!

You can customize whatever scent works for you. That’s the beauty of using essential oils. We chose a fresh citrus scent to wake you up and add cheerfulness!

homemade Soy Candle with Citrus essential oils

These hand poured candles make excellent gifts!

Helpful Hint: I HIGHLY suggest getting this beginner candle wick set if you’re just starting. It comes with pre-waxed wicks, centering devices and wick stickers. All you need to do is pour the melted wax with this inexpensive starter kit and you’ve got beautiful candles!

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DIY Hand Poured Soy Candle

DIY hand poured Soy Candle with citrus scent


Soy Candle DIY Supplies


Step 1

Using a double boiler or microwave, slowly melt the soy wax until melted. Mix the melting flakes occasionally until it forms a liquid.

Soy wax flakes in a bowl
Warming soy wax flakes for a candle
Melting wax flakes in bowl on stove

Step 2

Remove from heat.

In the meantime, prepare the candle jar. Stick the wick tab at the bottom center of the jar using a piece of double sided tape. A dab of clear, hot glue from a glue gun will also work.

Soy candle DIY glass jar
Wick for DIY soy candle

Wrap the long end of the wick around a wooden dowel and rest the dowel across the top of the jar. This will keep the wick centered in your jar as you pour the wax.

Candle wick in glass jar DIY
Candle wick on wooden dowel

Step 3

Add the orange and lemon essential oils to the melted wax and stir.

Essential oil soy candle DIY

Step 4

Slowly pour the wax into the jar leaving some empty space at the top. Be very careful because it is hot!

DIY Soy Candle with wick on wooden dowel

Leave the wax to dry completely, at least 24 hours. 

Step 5

If the surface of the candle is uneven, melt a small amount of the leftover wax and pour onto the surface of the candle.  Let this dry completely.

Once the wax has set, cut the excess wick ½” from the top of the candle. 

Cutting wick of DIY citrus soy candle
DIY citrus scented soy candle

We wrapped some baker’s twine and dried orange slices around the glass jar since we used citrus essential oils. (Here’s an easy way to dehydrate oranges in an oven or dehydrator.)

handmade Soy Candle with dried orange slice

You could add a different decoration if you use different essential oils. For instance, tied a stem of lavender if you use lavender essential oils. Or use a sprig of eucalyptus if you use that essential oil.

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