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You’ve Been Booed Printable Sign and Ideas

If you want to spread joy this holiday season, consider Booing your friends, neighbors and co-workers for Halloween! Here’s everything you need to successfully Boo someone, including free You’ve Been Booed printables and gift ideas.

What is You’ve Been Booed?

You’ve Been Booed is a new tradition of surprising neighbors, friends, co-workers or teachers with small gifts leading up to Halloween. When someone receives an I’ve Been Booed treat and sign, they are encouraged to pay it forward and Boo someone else.

Free You’ve Been Booed Printables

It’s hard to Boo someone without an I’ve Been Booed tag and sign to go with your gifts! Otherwise they won’t understand what is going on or that they are encouraged to surprise someone else!

These free You’ve Been Booed printables are perfect for using with your gift giving. The PDF files are easy to print at home.

The You’ve Been Booed kit includes:

  • You’ve Been Booed sign and instructions
  • We’ve Been Booed and You’ve Been Booed door hanger signs
  • Halloween gift tags
  • Printable Halloween stickers

The stickers and tags can easily be printed out on white sticker paper. Or just print on white paper and use tape to attach.

When you Boo someone else, be sure to print out a copy of the sign, as well as the door hangers, to include in the gift basket. If you would like, you can cut out the I’ve Been Booed door hanger and place it on their door handle, leaving the We’ve Been Booed sign inside the basket for them to use afterwards.

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How to Boo Someone

When you are Booing someone, surprising them is the key to success! You don’t want them to see you leaving the gifts.

In neighborhoods, it is fun to ring the doorbell and run, hoping that they don’t see you!

At work, leave a Booed gift in their office or work station early in the morning before they get to work, or when they have left for lunch. You could also leave the gifts on their desk at the end of the work day for them to find the next morning.

Give as few or as many gifts as you’d like. Some fun ideas for giving items are:

  • Plastic Halloween Jack O’Lantern candy bucket
  • Any Halloween candy bucket or tub (the Dollar Tree and Dollar General are great places to find these)
  • Gift bags
  • Basket
  • Wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow
  • Cellophane bags

You’ve Been Booed Gift Ideas

No one wants a bunch of crap dumped on their door, even in the spirit of kindness! So be thoughtful with what you buy and spend money on.

These gift ideas are perfect for neighbors, friends, and family. Especially if they have kids who are excited about Halloween.

  • Halloween Candy
  • Glowsticks
  • Stickers
  • Halloween small toys (visit the Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Target Dollar Spot for some fun items)
  • Handmade Halloween plushies, such as our cute Frankenstein plush
  • Halloween decorations
  • Flashlights
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Halloween movie DVDs
  • Coloring books
  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • S’mores kit

You might also want to check out my list of the Best Gag Gifts. There are some really cute ideas that might work great for the family!

You’ve Been Booed Ideas for Adults

These gift ideas are perfect for adult friends who are Booing each other. These are also appropriate ideas for Booing neighbors who don’t have kids at home. Any of these ideas can also be used at work or for teachers, as well.

You’ve Been Booed Ideas for Work

You’ve Been Booed ideas for the workplace are different than family gift ideas. Gifts shouldn’t be as expensive or as personal as you would give to a friend or neighbor. Unless, of course, you are gifting items to a personal friend at work.

Here are some great ideas for thoughtful presents that your co-workers will like:

collection of Halloween party printables

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You’ve Been Booed Ideas for Teachers

It is fun to Boo teachers, because there is so much that they need or deserve in their classrooms and their personal lives. All of the ideas above for work will also apply to teachers, as well. However, there are some educational related items that also make great teacher gifts:

  • Halloween decorations for the classroom
  • Classroom supplies such as markers, pencils, paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Protein snack bars for their desk
  • Stickers
  • Planner
  • Pen or Marker for grading
  • Ink Gel pens in a variety of colors
  • Boo-Boo kit with first aid supplies, such as band aids, hand sanitizer, etc.

If you like our fun You’ve been Booed printables and gift ideas, be sure to check out our You’ve Been Gobbled printables for Thanksgiving. As well as our other easy Halloween crafts.