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Toilet Paper Tube Crafts for Adults

We all use toilet paper. And then there’s always that cardboard roll left behind. Why waste this free crafting supply when you can upcycle it?

Before you toss another cardboard tube into the recycling bin, check out these brilliant toilet paper tube crafts! They are all projects for DIY projects for adults. Since you can go through several toilet paper tubes in a week, it’s easy to make these ideas!

Toilet Paper Tube Craft Ideas

If you’re not willing to wait to collect the toilet paper rolls, you can buy toilet paper tubes online! Plus, the tubes you buy online are white. Which can be better for making some DIY projects without having to paint the brown ones.

Toilet Paper Tube Box

pretty toilet paper tube box

Recycle a cardboard tube into the cutest tiny boxes that work great as desk storage accessories!

These boxes also make inexpensive gift boxes, too! Use Christmas gift wrap for the holidays to personalize them.

Homemade Trophy

doy trophy made with construction paper displayed with blue background in back

This cute miniature trophy is the perfect way of saying job well done!

It is also a great decoration for sporting event parties, such as the Big Game!

Get the free pattern to make a homemade trophy right now!

Toilet Paper Tube Artwork

I love stunning wall artwork made from toilet paper tubes. By shaping and gluing common toilet paper tubes together, you can create the most stunning three dimensional artwork for your home or office.

Imagine taking something that usually goes right in the recycling bin and crafting it into wall art that everyone will ask you about!

This toilet paper roll mandala is absolutely gorgeous from

Photo: Colorful Craft Corner

This heart wreath made from cardboard tubes is simply amazing, don’t you think?

Photo: The Boondocks Blog

Here are some more beautiful pieces of art made from cardboard tubes. Aren’t they absolutely stunning?

Confetti Poppers

doy confetti cannon on pink background with sequins nearby

Make your own DIY confetti cannons for a party or New Years Eve with toilet paper rolls and a balloon.

Toilet Paper Tube Pumpkins

The rolls make the most perfect small cardboard boxes!

Check out this adorable pumpkin box made by The Craftaholic Witch.

Photo: The Craftaholic Witch

Christmas Crackers

toilet paper roll snowmen

These cute Christmas crackers are perfect for adding to each place setting during your meal. Or, make a few to give as stocking stuffers or party favors at a holiday party.

Santa Hats

One toilet paper tube could make several of these cute Santa hats. Just tie yarn around the tube to make the ornaments. No sewing needed! See my tutorial for the three easy steps.

Toilet Paper Tube Advent Calendar

adding candy into a paper tube roll

This fun advent calendar lets kids at heart punch through the paper to get a surprise for every day leading up to Christmas.

Toilet Paper Tube Deer

This adorable deer is perfect for Christmas decorations. Get the free pattern to make a toilet paper tube deer.

Phone or Tablet Stand

You can make a cardboard tube into a stand for your electronics. A toilet paper tube is best used for a phone, while you’ll need a paper towel tube for a tablet.

Photo: Repurpose and Upcycle

Here’s a simple tutorial from

Napkin Rings

These circular rolls are perfect for making napkin rings! All you have to do is cut one roll into several strips and then cover them.

I love this DIY Santa Napkin Ring by Tikkido.

santa napkin on decorative table setting

Toilet Paper Seedling Pots

Start seeds for your garden with these free toilet paper seedling pots. This gives you just enough soil to start seeds before growing season.

Photo: The Forked Spoon

Plus, the cardboard tube will naturally decompose into the ground when it’s time to plant your seedlings.

DIY Valentine Gnome Couple

Use our free pattern to make a cute Valentines Day gnome couple using toilet paper tubes.

Valentine Gnomes on light blue background

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