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DIY Tin Can Organizers

DIY tin can organizers are inexpensive to make yet add a pop of color and style to your desk for stress-free organizing.

DIY Tin Can Organizers Ideas

I love being organized, how about you? It just makes things so much easier. But I like my organization ideas to be pretty.

I’m all for saving money, too! Which is why these homemade tin can organizers from leftover food cans are the perfect idea for keeping my desk tidy and clean! (Be sure to see how I use tin cans as makeup brush organizers, too!)

Homemade Tin Can Organizer for Desk

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Tin Can Organizers for Desk

Homemade Tin Can Organizers for a Desk


Tin Can Organizer Supplies


Preparing the Tin Cans

Wash and dry cans out thoroughly before using.

If the opening edges of the cans are sharp to the touch, use a metal file to smooth out the sharp edges.

Filing Tin Can Top for Craft

Covering Cans with Paper: Single Sheet

Working with one can at a time, select a piece of paper in any color and pattern of your choosing.  

Measure the height of the can. 

Measuring Tin Can for Craft

Using the paper trimmer, cut the paper to the size of the height of the can. 

Cutting Scrapbook Paper in Cutter

Place one short end of the cut paper on to the tin can and glue (or tape) it in place. 

Hot Glueing Tin Can Craft
Wrapping tin can with scrapbook paper

Once secure, wrap the paper around the can and glue or tape the other end in place.

Hot Glueing Scrapbook Paper to Tin Can

If the circumference of the can is longer than the sheet of paper, cut two identical sized sheets of paper to wrap around the can overlapping the gap with the second sheet of paper. 

Striped Scrapbook Paper on Tin Can
Striped Scrapbook Paper for Crafting
Pink Hot Glue Gun on Tin Can Organizer Craft
Tin Can Wrapper in Paper

Covering Cans with Paper: 2 Sheets

Measure the height of the can. 

Using the paper trimmer, cut the paper to the size of the height. 

Using Cutter to Cut Scrapbook Paper

Cut another piece of paper half the length of the previous sheet.

Tin can and scrapbook paper

Glue the larger sheet of paper on to the can first using same method as above. 

Next, take the shorter piece of paper and secure it around the tin can in the same manner. 

Can Wrapped in Decorative Scrapbook Paper
Decorative Paper on Tin Can

Repeat with the other cans and papers.

DIY Tin Can Organizers Desk Ideas

If you are inspired by these beautiful, yet easy, desk organizers, then be sure to browse all of our organization ideas.


Saturday 15th of July 2023

Love them - especially the pink theme going on! Love mixing "type" with the printed paper.Such a clever upcycle! I volunteer with residents at an assisted living place, and this is something they could make and use for their pens, pencils, scissors, etc - or hair combs, nail files, etc. Thanks for sharing.


Saturday 15th of July 2023

Barbara, That is such a great idea!!! What a fun project to do. Yes, I like the mixing of paper, too! Makes it fun!!!!