Published On December 30, 2020 | Last Updated January 19, 2021
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These DIY confetti poppers are so easy to make! Upcycle toilet paper tubes that you have at home to make these colorful party favors for celebrating!

What I love to do is use sequins for my confetti. It adds a little bit more flair.

Plus, if you really want to, you can sweep them up and craft with them! LOL As a crafter, you’re always looking for ways to reuse craft supplies!

How to Make DIY Confetti Poppers



Tie a knot in the bottom of the balloon and cut off the round end.

Place the knotted end around the end of the toilet paper roll. Secure it in place with glue.

Use washi tape to decorate the toilet paper tube, covering the entire tube with tape. I put silver washi tape on the toilet paper tube first. Then I layered on gold washi tape.

To use the popper, place a small amount of confetti or sequins in the tube. Pull the knotted end of the balloon back and let it go quickly to shoot the confetti out of the tube.

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