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Cereal Box Desk Organizer

Isn’t it satisfying to upcycle stuff around the home into pretty organization?! It’s like you get to declutter and organize at the same time!

Which is why I love how easy it is to turn two cereal boxes and some toilet paper tubes into this fun desktop organizer. Finally, I can keep my desk organized! And, it didn’t cost anything!

Cereal Box Organizer on desktop

Chances are you have some cardboard that hasn’t been recycled yet. So why not upcycle it into this storage caddy?

You can also use scrapbook paper and tape that you probably already have in your craft supplies and make this organizer right now.

Be sure you see my toilet paper tube boxes, too. They would be great to make along with this organizer.

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Cereal Box Organizer with stapler

Upcycle a Cereal Box Into a Desk Organizer


  • 2 empty cereal boxes
  • 3 to 4 empty toilet paper rolls
  • 2 pieces of buffalo plaid scrapbook paper
  • Red washi tape
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
Cereal Box Organizer Supplies


Step 1

Make sure the two cereal boxes are the same width. Tape the two boxes together to measure and mark the box.

Use a ruler to measure a line five inches from the bottom of each box and draw a line across the front of each box.

Cereal Box Organizer Step 1

Step 2

Turn the boxes on their side and draw two angled lines meeting each other at the center of the box. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the box.

Cereal Box Organizer Step 4

Step 3

Pull the boxes apart and draw a line on the back of each box five inches from the bottom.

Cereal Box Organizer Step 5

Step 4

Use your scissors to cut along each line and recycle the tops of the boxes.

Cereal Box Organizer Step 7

Step 5

Glue the two boxes together along the back of the boxes.

Step 6

Cut the scrapbook paper to cover each side of the box and glue it in place.

Cereal Box Organizer Step 9

Step 7

Use the washi tape to cover the edges and the center seams. Then, use the tape to cover the back of each side of the organizer.

Cereal Box Organizer Step 11

Step 8

Cut the toilet paper tubes in half and place them along the bottom of each side of the organizer to hold smaller items, like pens, pencils and markers.

For larger items, like envelopes or a notepad, leave the space open without toilet paper rolls.

Cereal Box Organizer Step 15

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upcycled cardboard desk caddy

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