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Santa Gnome Wreath (Dollar Tree DIY)

Gnomes are popular during Christmas and for good reason! Their slouchy hats and fuzzy beards are perfectly suited for holiday coziness!

Our Santa Gnome Wreath is an easy front door wreath to welcome guests. Just glue together a few items from the Dollar Tree and you will have a cute decoration that everyone will be asking about as they come into your home!

A Santa hat hanging on a door.

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Helpful Tips

  • The white Christmas trees work great because they look like a beard. However, if you like the look of green Christmas trees, those would be cute, too! Especially if you have a white door and the white beard wouldn’t be easily seen.
  • I cut off the pom pom from the Santa hat because I thought the bell would be a great addition. It will jingle every time someone enters the door! However, you can leave the pom pom if you would prefer.
  • Instead of twine, you could use ribbon.
  • All of the materials were bought at Dollar Tree.
A Santa hat hangs on a blue door.

How to Make a Santa Gnome Wreath

Buying materials from the Dollar Tree, this wreath cost about $8 (or less) to make.


  • 2 White Christmas trees (from Dollar Tree)
  • Red Santa Hat
  • Large Jingle Bell (optional)
  • White Ping Pong Ball
  • Faux Pine Pick
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 3 White Zip Ties
  • Plastic grocery store bags (or other type of filler)
Santa Gnome Wreath Materials on white table top


Step 1

After removing the trees from the boxes, pull the bottom piece off. The piece won’t be used for this DIY.

Adjust the branches so that the tree is fluffed out but can also lay flat.

Santa Gnome Wreath Step 1 white pine greenery on white background

Step 2

Lay the trees on top of each other. Using zip ties, tie the trunks of the trees together.

Santa Gnome Wreath Step 2 zip tie white greenery together

Many zip ties are black, but those will show through the beard so be sure to get white zip ties.

Step 3

Stuff a few plastic grocery store bags, crumple paper or other type of filler in the top of the Santa hat. You want the hat to be full and stand up straight.

Hot glue the Santa hat onto the tree branches at the widest part of the trees (what used to be the base). Glue the fabric to the branches of the trees wherever you can, but you may way to leave the middle area unattached so that you can put the gnome nose there and tuck it under the hat brim.

A Santa Claus hat on top of a Christmas tree with a wreath.

Step 4

Add a dab of hot glue to the ping pong ball. You don’t want too much because you don’t want to melt the plastic!

Place the ball in the middle center of the tree beard just underneath the Santa hat. You can slightly push it under the hat so that the hat brim covers the nose a little bit.

A white egg sitting on top of a white blanket with a Santa Gnome.

Step 5

Using your faux pine pick, remove a few pieces of greenery and tuck into the hat brim. Glue down the picks at the base where the brim will cover it.

Cut off the pom-pom at the tip of the Santa hat. Glue the jingle bell ornament on the hat where the pom-pom was.

Santa Gnome Wreath Step 5A glue jingle bell on top of Santa hat

Step 6

Cut a small section of twine and create a bow. Glue it to the base of the pine picks.

Santa Gnome Wreath Step 6 against white backdrop

Using another section of twine, create a loop to hang the wreath. Hot glue the loop to the back of the Santa hat.

Santa Gnome Wreath Step 7 on white background
A Santa hat hanging on a wall.

If you like this easy Santa Gnome Wreath, be sure to Pin It to a Christmas board to save for later!

DIY Santa gnome wreath on a blue door

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Saturday 16th of December 2023

I thought these were so cute and easy to make, so I did. I made 4 of them and sold all 4 at craft shows. These are going to be something I will try for next year again. Thanks for the idea.


Sunday 17th of December 2023

Wow! That’s great, Connie! So happy you were able to sell all the gnomes!