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How to Make Popsicle Stick Coasters: 2 Ways

Popsicle stick crafts make us yearn for the simple days of camp crafting projects and rainy day activities as a kid. No matter how much we’ve grown up, though, we still enjoy the fun of making things out of wooden popsicle sticks!

These pallet popsicle stick coasters add a playful, farmhouse look to your home. They are cheap and easy to make. And you can customize them however you’d like.

mini pallet popsicle stick coasters

We also have a fun raised popsicle stick coaster DIY, too. This one requires a little more effort, but it is fun to make.

Grab a bag of Popsicle sticks (or just keep them after enjoying a frozen dessert) and start crafting again.

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How to Make a Coaster Out of Popsicle Sticks

It should go without saying that these mini popsicle pallet coasters aren’t going to support tons of weight, like a huge beer stein 😉

And you wouldn’t want an icy cold beverage melting all over them for hours in the hot sunshine.

But for a girl’s night with enjoying a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee while you read a book on the porch, they will be fine.



1.  Make the coaster by laying eight popsicle sticks in a line on flat surface. Cut the ends of the remaining two sticks, making sure they’re the correct length to fit along the top and bottom of the row of eight sticks.

Make sure the popsicle sticks are evenly aligned, then place a line of hot glue along the top of the sticks. Press one of the trimmed sticks in place and hold until the glue has set. Repeat the process along the bottom of the popsicle sticks.

popsicle sticks glued together

2.  Flip the coaster over and paint the top using white chalk paint.

painting popsicle stick pallet white

3.  When the paint has dried, spread a thin layer of black chalk paint over a flat surface to work from. Carefully dip your letter stamps into the paint, then press them onto the coasters to spell words.

adding words to popsicle stick pallet coaster

4.  Allow the coasters to dry completely, then spread a layer of wax over the top to protect the paint and wood from water damage.

DIY mini pallet coaster made from popsicle sticks

Treat the coasters with another layer of wax every month to keep them from being damaged if you are using them frequently. 

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painted pallet popsicle stick coasters

DIY Coasters from Popsicle Sticks

This second way to make coasters creates a raised drink coaster that I love.


  • Popsicle sticks (18-20 craft sticks)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissor or Craft Knife
  • Pencil


Line up the popsicle sticks side by side. For my coaster I used 8 sticks side by side.

Draw, or trace, a circle on the sticks as a pattern. The bottom of a large mug, a small bowl or a large cookie cutter is a perfect way to trace a circle.

Cut out the pattern with scissors or a craft knife.

If you would like, you can add numbers to the back side of each stick so that you know where to place them, but it is not necessary.

You will want to repeat this step with another set of 8 popsicle sticks.

Using 2-3 more popsicle sticks, you will create the support for the inside of the coaster. Glue one popsicle stick across a set of 8. Line up the sticks to have a small gap in between each one, about 1/4 inch.

Add a drop of hot glue on each stick and press the stick horizontally across the circle pattern.

Next, glue another stick at an angle from the first one. This will give support in the center of the coaster.

Add additional supports as needed on the row of popsicle sticks. If you want to add another row or two (as we did), that will add even more support.

Trim the ends of the popsicle stick supports if needed.

This process works for square drink coasters, too. There is no cutting with the square pattern. Just lay three popsicle sticks perpendicular across the horizontal sticks to make a pallet coaster.

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