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Woodland Garland: Cottage Core Decor (Free Pattern)

This simple woodland garland is easy to make using our free patterns and construction paper!

Mushrooms, acorns and leaves are all on this easy DIY garland that has a cottage core aesthetic.

Woodland Garland on twine with mushrooms leaves and acorns

Simple enough for kids to make, this is a fun craft in the fall.

The forest garland is perfect for decorating parties with a woodland or outdoor theme.

How to Make a Woodland Garland



Step 1

Select fall-themed colored papers for this woodland garland.

The template includes fall leaves, acorn and mushrooms.

Print out the pattern, trace on the papers and cut out.

Woodland Garland Step 1

Step 2

Glue the spots (shown in white) and underside of the mushroom (shown in tan) pattern on the cap cutout (shown in red) of the mushroom pattern.

Woodland Garland Step 2

Step 3

Glue the mushroom stem (shown in white) on top of the mushroom cap as seen in the photo below.

Woodland Garland Step 3

Step 4

Glue the acorn cap onto the acorn pattern. 

Woodland Garland Step 4

Step 5

Use a brown Sharpie or gel pen to trace checkered pattern on the acorn cap.

I also drew an outline on the acorn’s edge with the marker.

Woodland Garland Step 5

Step 6

Use matching markers or gel pens to trace veins of leaves in the fall leaf cutouts.

Woodland Garland Step 6

Step 7

Cut a long piece of thin jute that will fit the area where you want to hang a garland.

Woodland Garland Step 7

Step 8

Tape or glue your fall cut outs to the twine. Attach on the back. Space out as far or as close as you’d like.

Woodland Garland Step 8
Woodland Garland Step 9

Once you’re done attaching enough items to the string, carefully flip the garland to the right side. Now hang it on a wall or use them for another project.

Woodland Garland Step 10

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