Published On September 02, 2020 | Last Updated September 25, 2020
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Sometimes the simplicity of the season is what you crave the most. So if you dream of having yourself a Merry Little Christmas, try making this easy minimalist Christmas wreath to deck the halls.

I love an over-the-top Christmas wreath just like anyone else. But I have a lot of places in my home where I need something simple, small, and modern. This wire Christmas wreath fits those areas perfectly.

Working with metal wire isn’t something I do a lot, but I have to admit it’s way easier than I thought it would be. Plus, it’s satisfying being able to twist and cut the wire to create projects that are beautiful.

This wreath is great to make for yourself or as a gift. It is also eco-friendly and an heirloom craft, being able to be enjoyed on for years.

Tips for Making This Wreath

Here are some variations to think about when making your own minimalist wreath:

  • Wire comes in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, bronze, green, etc.
  • Change the color of the pom poms to what you like
  • Consider using another shade of felt, such as winter white leaves or icy blue leaves
  • Make this wreath as big or as small as you like

How to Make a Minimalist Christmas Wreath



Determine the size of the wreath that you want and circle the wire 2 to 3 times creating the desired round wreath base. Coil the open ends of the wire around the base to secure. 

Cut small pieces of wires from the same wire bundle. These small wire pieces will be used to create branches around the wire base.

Take any of the wire pieces and coil half of the wire around the base tightly. Keep the other half (more or less than half as you prefer) of the coiled wire facing outside or inside of the round wire base. 

Continue to add the small wire pieces to the wire wreath base. Keep the branches relatively close (but not too close) to each other. 

You can coil and fill the whole wreath base with the small wire branches or you can fill one fourth of the base like I did. 

Select 2 different shades of green colored felt fabrics (or you can chose 1 color if you want to). Trace small leaf shapes on the selected felts and cut them out nicely. 

Heat the hot glue gun. Take a felt leaf cutout and attach it with a small wire branch on its outer edge by gluing any one of the open ends of the leaf. Glue half of the leaf with the wire branch, keeping the other half intact. 

Continue to glue felt leaves with the wire branches.

Once the open ends of the wire branches are filled take the remaining felt leaves and slightly fold the half of the leaves along the middle line. This is to give the leaves a little 3d look. Apply glue along the fold to secure it. 

Now attach the half folded leaves between the previously glued leaves on the wire base. Try filling the wire branches. 

Attach red pom poms to the leaves with glue. 

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