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In this post:  Easy to follow videos show you how to make 3D folded paper stars, two different ways!

Folded paper stars title image

One of my favorite purchases is the hanging paper star lantern that I have in my spare bedroom.  It cost me about $15 when I bought it, for the paper star and the light kit.

After learning how to make these easy 3D folded paper stars, I can already tell that my house is about to be full of them.  Add a string of battery powered lights to one of these, and you’re set!


Here are two different ways to make a folded paper star.  I used metallic paper and vellum in the examples, but any kind of paper works.

Five Point Star

5 point folded paper stars

These five pointed stars are the easier to make of the two examples.  You might start by practicing a time or two with a thinner piece of paper, that’s easier to fold.  These are a little tricker to make out of card stock.

Watch the video to see how to make these five point stars:


Once you’ve got this DIY star down, you can make tons of them out of the shiny paper that comes inside many  Christmas card envelopes.  It’s a great way to upcycle!

Materials for folded paper stars
Save the shiny paper from the inside of Christmas card envelops to make these stars.


Four or Eight Point Star

3D folded paper star

This DIY paper star would work great with a string of lights inside.  You can make a single star that will lay flat, or you can make two and glue them together.

See the full details in the video:


Folded Paper Stars Everywhere!

Once you’ve mastered both of these techniques to fold your own 3D paper stars, you can combine them in really creative ways.  Check out the wall hanging my friend made using patterned scrapbook paper.

Folded paper stars wall hanging
Combine both types of 3D stars to make your own creative wall hanging.

You can use a lantern kit to make a hanging light.  Or, these make great gifts as well.  Stick one inside a gift box for a little extra touch.

How to make folded paper starsOrigami paper stars

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2 Comments on How to Make 3D Folded Paper Stars

  1. What fun project and they turn out so pretty too. I love that you mentioned you can upcycle the foil from inside Christmas card envelopes. 🙂

    • Thanks, Shelly! Isn’t it nice to finally have a use for that pretty foil, and not have to just throw it away? You could make a star garland with all your Christmas card envelopes!

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