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DIY Scandinavian Felt Christmas Trees Pattern

Make simple and beautiful Scandinavian-inspired felt Christmas Trees with this pattern suitable for both cutting with scissors or using a Cricut machine.

A few years ago, I walked into World Market and fell in love with their Christmas decorations. The theme that year was Scandinavian Christmas and I didn’t know how much I loved the simplicity of those decorations until I saw them.

Something about using felt to make heirloom Christmas decor really spoke to me and got to my heart, so to speak.

You know what I didn’t love? The prices on those simple, heartfelt, handmade-looking decorations!

So, I’m thrilled to be able to bring you an easy Scandinavian Christmas tree pattern that is easy to make. And inexpensive to do.

I’ve made even more Scandinavian Christmas decorations since making these cute trees. Check out my homemade cinnamon applesauce ornaments and these easy wood and clay Scandinavian ornaments.

Felt isn’t expensive. Which makes this DIY craft a great idea for decorating your own mantel or giving as gifts!

I used pastel and cool colored felts for a traditional Scandinavian design. Similar to the 3D Felt Pumpkins I made before.

I also use winter-appropriate felt pastels for my DIY gnome wine bottle topper and cute gnome ornaments.

However, you can use whatever color of felt (or patterned felt) that you would like. Consider using all whites and creams for a winter wonderland. Use traditional greens and reds.

Or, use something unusual, like pinks and purples, for a winter holiday scene perfect for tweens and teens to decorate their rooms.

How to Make Felt Christmas Trees


  • Christmas Tree pattern (either PDF or Christmas Tree SVG file)
  • Felt fabric in 3 coordinating colors (I used sheets in Icicle, Rainstorm, and Evergreen from BenzieDesign)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue gun and clear craft glue
  • Wooden dowel, 8” long
  • Wood stump (1” diameter x 1.25” high)


Drill a hole in the center of the stump the same size as the wooden dowel.

These instructions allow you to either cut the felt patterns out with scissors, or use a Cricut machine. Both instructions are below, although you just need to choose one method.

Cutting Felt Out by Hand

Print Christmas tree pattern on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

Cut around each of the pattern pieces.

Cutting out one tree at a time, place the pattern on top of the felt sheet in desired color. Using a pair of fabric scissors, cut out the tree shape along the solid line.

Tip: If you find the pattern slipping on the felt, use pins to keep it in place.

Cut 6 pieces of each tree.

Repeat for any remaining trees you would like to make.

Using Cricut to Cut the Felt

Open a blank canvas in Cricut Design Space.

Upload the Christmas Tree SVG File into Design Space.  

Select “Make It” in Design Space.

Set material type to Felt.

Follow prompts for loading the mat into the Cricut cutting machine and cutting the felt. When prompted, unload the mat from the cutting machine.

Continue cutting 6 pieces for each tree.

Cut additional pieces for additional trees you would like to make.

Assembling the 3D Christmas Trees

On one side of a tree piece, apply a bead of glue along the outer edge.

Place another tree piece on top pressing the glued edges together. Lift and fold back the unglued side and apply another bead of glue along the outer edge.

Press another tree piece down on top to glue the edges together.

In order to have room in the center for the dowel, avoid gluing the very center of the tree.

Repeat with the other tree pieces. Fold each tree piece outwards and glue the inner edge together with the inner edge of the tree piece next to it.

Continue until all 6 pieces are glued together.

Insert the dowel into the wooden stump.

Insert the top end of the dowel into the center opening and push it all the way up to the top. If the opening is too big, glue it some more to make it smaller.

Repeat to make more Scandinavian felt trees.

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Friday 17th of November 2023

Where did you find the tree stumps?


Monday 20th of November 2023

Erin, it has been several years since I made the craft and don't have a source for them any more. They were from a craft supply store. You can find similar items online, too.


Saturday 21st of October 2023

How do you make these (I’m tracing the pattern & cutting them out by hand) without the pen/marker showing on the felt?


Monday 23rd of October 2023

You could either use disappearing ink pens which are available in the sewing section, use chalk which will come off easily, or you can trace with a thin pen, pencil or marker and then cut inside the lines rather than on the lines. If you cut inside the pattern piece, then the lines will not be visible because it will be on the larger piece of felt that you cut off.