Published On October 23, 2018 | Last Updated November 01, 2020
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Learn how to make rustic stars from twigs with easy to follow instructions.  These DIY stick crafts make perfect unique home decor.

How to make rustic stars out of twigs

Don’t you just love crafts you can make for free from things gathered from your yard?!

Get ready to make your own personalized and free home decor with these rustic stars made from twigs.



  • Sticks (of course)
  • Garden clippers
  • Twist ties or thin wire (this wire looks like twine to blend in)
  • Twine, string, ribbon, or cord – I like jute twine
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments (dried flowers, beads, bells, bows, whatever!)

I recently hosted a Wine & Craft Night at my house, and it was a blast!  I had supplies available for everyone to make one of these rustic stars.  It was so inspiring to see everyone’s individual creativity, with each star turning out so differently.

I love it when people take basic instructions, and then make something completely their own.  What will yours look like?

Collect Sticks and Branches

Start by gathering a bunch of the straightest sticks you can find.  The diameter can range up to about 1/4″, depending on the size of the star you want to make.

Make a star from branches

Use your garden clippers to cut them into sections that are all about the same length.  For your first try, 10″ – 12″ length is a good size to start with.

Make the Star Shape

To make this star, I used bunches of three sticks for each side of the star.  You can use more or less. It’s up to you!

Lay your sticks out into the basic shape of a star.  Use twist ties or short pieces of wire to temporarily secure the sticks together where they cross each other.

Making a star from twigs
DIY twig star

Tie the Points of the Star

Using twine or string, tie the sticks together at each point of the star.

Twine and stick star

Wrap the twine around all of the sticks at the point several times.  Pull it tightly to make sure it holds securely.  Tie the ends of the string together with an overhand or square knot.

Keep Tying

Once the points are secure, you can remove the twist ties.  I then tied more twine around each of the cross points.

Make a star out of sticks

You can also wrap twine or ribbon all the way around the legs of the star.

Twine wrapped sticks make a star
You can just tie the points, or you can wrap twine or ribbon all the way around the sticks.

Make it Your Own

You can stop at a plain star made out of sticks, or you can add decorations and embellishments to make it completely unique.

My friends and I made these stick stars together, and I was absolutely amazed at how different each of the finished stars looked.

DIY rustic stars from twigs
Decorate your star however you like, to make it completely unique.

I was going to leave my star unembellished.  But I was so inspired by the creativity of my friends, that I added a twist of silver cord, and a bead that used to belong to my grandma.  I absolutely love how it turned out!

How to make a rustic star out of twigs

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6 Comments on How to Make Rustic Stars Out of Twigs

  1. I am a do it yourself right, and the stars are different from mine, so I have to get to making new ones. Thanks!

  2. I love the simple ones, but your friends are kind of fun and funky, too! I love stars. I crochet them too, and are so simple. They are great for Christmas Trees, garlands, and especially July 4th!

    • Crocheted stars sound lovely, Sandra. And it’s fun to see all of the different tastes and styles that can come out of the same project, done be different people, isn’t it?

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