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How to Make Faux Terra Cotta Pots (Dollar Tree DIY)

Terra Cot pots are gorgeous to add to your decor, but they can cost a lot! The fragile clay pots also break easily, which isn’t good if you have cats and pets that can knock over the pots when displayed inside.

Our easy faux terra cotta pot craft uses Dollar Tree supplies to make an elegant planter for just a few dollars. The aged pot is perfect for farmhouse and vintage decor.

A faux terra cotta pot with ivy plant on a brown shelf and 2 cream vases with a green wall behind.

This DIY project is ideally suited for indoor plants with faux greenery or fake flowers.

While you could use these pots with real plants outdoors, the paint will likely chip off when exposed to the elements.

The project uses just two tumbling tower block pieces. If you buy one of the Jenga-inspired Tumbling Tower Blocks games at the Dollar Tree, you can use the remaining blocks for one of these fun crafts:

A faux terra cotta pot with ivy plant on a brown shelf with a green wall behind.

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DIY Faux Terra Cotta Pot

All supplies for this fake terra cotta pot were purchased at the Dollar Tree, except for the E6000 and craft paints.


  • Planter pot
  • 2 Tumbling tower blocks
  • Baking soda
  • Acrylic Craft paint (I used Apple Barrel in colors Lite Mocha and White)
  • Wooden craft stick
  • Paintbrush
  • Round foam brush
  • E6000 glue
Supplies for Faux Terra Cotta Pot placed on white marble counter top


Step One

Add a small amount of baking soda to a small container, then add some Lite Mocha paint.

Stir to combine. You want to slightly thicken up the paint, but not to be gloppy or like paste.

Lite Mocha paint and baking soda in a small cup on a white marble counter top.

Step Two

Use the mixture to paint the entire outside of the pot and halfway down the inside.

Paint the tumbling tower blocks, as well. 

Paint mixure in a cup as a paintbrush paints on a red plastic flower pot.

Let dry completely.

Step Three

Glue the tumbling tower blocks to the sides of the pot, about 1 inch down from the top.

Glueing painted tumble blocks to the side of plastic painted flower pot.

Step Four

Apply a second coat of the baking soda and paint mixture to the pot. Allow to dry.

Applying a second coat of paint on plastic terra cotta pot.

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