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Easy Dollar Store Terrarium with Faux Plants

Terrariums are coming back in style, with their old-fashioned aesthetic and an easy way to grow plants.

If you are like me, though, I can’t grow a plant in a terrarium. I don’t know why!

Which is why these faux plant terrariums are great to make. They look like real terrariums without any of the stress of growing real plants!

We used Dollar Tree supplies and repurposed water bottles to make the cutest terrariums that will look cute on a shelf or a window sill. Or put them on our DIY display pedestal.

These cute pots are very similar to our felt succulent plants in mini pots.

You might also like our easy DIY faux terra cotta pots from Dollar Tree plastic planters!

How to Make Dollar Store Terrariums


  • Clay pots, 2.5″
  • Mini faux cactus plants
  • Gingham ribbon
  • Mini water bottles, 8 oz.
  • Natural jute twine
  • Glue gun and glue sticks or craft glue
  • Brown shredded paper strips
  • Wine corks


Step One

Remove the labels and cut off the plastic rings around the neck of three water bottles.

Wash and thoroughly dry the plastic water bottles.

Cut the top portion of the bottles off at the the first indentation.

Step Two

Push one wine cork into each of the water bottle tops.

Wrap the natural jute twine around the neck of each plastic water bottle several times, tying with a knot to secure.

Trim any long ends of the twine off with scissors.

Step Three

Remove the faux cactus stemfrom its pot. Add some of the brown crinkle paper around the base of the cactus underneath the leaves.

Then glue the cactus back into the pot. Repeat with the other two faux cactus.

Alternatively, you can use other types of faux plant stems. Put a piece of styrofoam inside the clay pot. Then layer on the crinkle paper and insert a plastic plant stem on top.

Step Four

Put the faux cactus pots into the terra cotta clay pots. Push the pots down until they are snug in the clay pots to secure.

Put a plastic bottle terrarium on top of each of the clay pots. Try to tuck in all of the shredded brown paper. If any is sticking out, trim it off with scissors.

Step Five

Glue a piece of ribbon around the rim of the clay pot, overlapping the cut ends.

Tie a bow with the ribbon and trim the ends with scissors. Then glue the bow to the rim of the clay pot.

Repeat with the other two clay pots.

These miniature terrariums are cute displayed on a tier tray or our mini wooden pedestals.

We also used Dollar Tree faux succulents to make a succulent pumpkin, another easy Dollar Tree DIY.