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14 Gorgeous Ideas for Decorating Black Plastic Pots

The black plastic pots for plants that you get in a garden nursery aren’t just for growing the pots. They are really great containers for your plants, too! Why buy a fancy pot to put the pant in when you can decorate black plastic pots and save money?

Here are some great budget-friendly ways for decorating black plastic pots so you don’t have to buy a separate pot. Not only do you save money, but you help keep these plastic growing pots out of the landfill, since they can be hard to recycle.

These pots are only to be used indoors, since the decorations won’t last in the outdoor elements.

1. Brown Paper Bag Stripes

I love this idea, because it is a really sustainable DIY project. Not only are you reusing the nursery pot, but you are also reusing brown paper bags.

Depending on the size of your pot, decide on a width to cut a strip of brown paper bag. I used the width of my ruler as a starting point for deciding how wide to make the strips.

You can measure the circumference of your pot with a measuring tape if you would like to make sure you will have long enough paper strips. Since my pot was small, I just cut a piece of paper and trimmed after wrapping around the pot.

Make different size strips to give the pot personality. I used the width of my ruler for the thick stripes, and then cut another strip and folded it in half and cut it in half to add the smaller stripes.

Attach the brown paper strips with double-sided tape to the pot. It’s that easy.

2. Chalk Paint Pen

Using a white chalk paint pen, add doodles, stripes, dots or any type of drawing to your black plastic growing pots.

It is easy to do and takes just a couple minutes to draw on your design.

Colored Sharpie markers could work, too. I tried a bright green Sharpie and it didn’t show up against the black, but other colors might work better.

3. Washi Tape

I love using washi tape (see how I used the tape to make modern artwork from a thrift store canvas or how to decorate wooden spoons with washi tape).

It is really easy to use this colorful tape to transform black plastic pots for plants.

Decide on a design that you would like. I just used three horizontal stripes for simplicity. You could use vertical stripes or make a diagonal pattern.

Place the end of the washi tape on the backside of your potting pot. Then unwrap and press down the tape as you wrap around the pot.

Cut the end of the tape when you wrap around to the beginning of where you started, or at the edge of the pot if you are doing vertical stripes.

I found that while washi tape sticks for a few minutes, it will eventually start to peel off. Keep it secure by taping the ends.

Washi tape can be found in dollar stores sometimes. There is usually a large selection of washi tape in crafts stores such as Michael’s and online on Amazon.

See my Youtube video for the step-by-step instructions for how I decorated these pots:

4. Stickers

Add stickers to the outside of the pot in any colors, shapes or styles you want!

5. Spray Paint

Spraying a black pot with spray paint is the easiest and quickest way to instantly change the look and color. Be sure to choose a spray paint made for adhering to plastic, preferably with a primer included.

Remove the plant from the pot before spray painting the outside of the pot. Do not paint the inside as the paint will leach into the soil.

Let dry completely before putting plant back in.

6. Yarn

Wrap colorful yarn around one part of the pot or the entire pot. It’s a quick and easy way to add texture and color.

7. Twine

Wrapping a pot with twine is an instant way to add a farmhouse or country aesthetic. Simply wrap the twine around the pot and tie in a knot to secure the ends.

You could glue the twine to the pot, but be careful because hot glue could melt the plastic.

Consider tying a small bow and gluing to your wrapped twine section for a sweet detail.

8. Pom Poms

Pom poms make everything fun and colorful, right? Use craft glue or epoxy to add pom poms around the edge of the top of the pot, or all over.

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9. Tassels

Pre-made tassels or tassel ribbon is a quick way to add a boho look to your plant pots.

10. Buttons

I love the sweet idea of gluing buttons to your pots. Use a variety of big and small buttons for visual interest. It’s always best to use craft glue or epoxy instead of hot glue.

If you must use hot glue, use as little as possible to prevent melting the plastic.

11. Lace

Wrap a scrap piece of lace around the lip of the pot for a fun mix of feminine decoration against a jet black pot. The visual contrast is really interesting.

12. Socks or Sweater Sleeves

If you have old socks or sweaters, you can cut them and slip them over a small pot to cover.

13. Fabric Scraps

Tie scrap pieces of fabric around the pot in strips. Choose one large strip of fabric or multiple thin strips of fabric (Similar to what I did in this flower pocket frame).

14. Bandana

For a western look, wrap a bandana around the pot and tie in a knot to secure.

Did you know that you can turn a Dollar Tree plastic pot into a faux terra cotta pot? It’s a great trick that you need to see!

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Monday 9th of May 2022

Would never have thought of doing this with the pots. Thank you for a great idea and so easy to do. Deirdre


Friday 20th of May 2022

Thank you, Deirdre!