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Mini Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging

If you have ever wanted to make a rainbow macrame wall hanging but thought it was too difficult to do, you are in luck! Making a macrame rainbow is easier than you might think! This mini version of the popular boho chic decor trend is perfect for smaller spaces.

macrame rainbow on yellow wall

While this rope craft doesn’t use knots like true macrame does, it does have a similar theme to the retro home decor. And it’s much easier to do!

So no need to worry about trying to figure out where to tie knots or how to make an elaborate wall covering!

Which could easily be used as a charm on your purse, backpack, etc.

We love this cheery rainbow wall hanging because it makes you smile when you think about it. It’s so small you might even like it as an oversized charm on your purse or backpack.

mini rainbow macrame wall hanging

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How to Make a Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging


  • Macrame rope (both thick and thin)
  • Three different shades of colorful yarn
  • Felt fabric (can be a scrap piece)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Round wooden bead (large)
  • 8 Pom poms
  • Tapestry needle


Step 1

This tutorial is for a miniature macrame rainbow wall hanging. But if you’d like a much larger rainbow, scale up the sizes accordingly.

Cut 3 pieces of thick rope depending on the size of the rainbow. Take the rope and bend it into a rainbow shape that you would like. Then cut that piece.

Then, cut each of the next few pieces about 3/4 inch shorter than the previous one so that you have at least three different ropes in three different sizes.

Step 2

Take one of the rope pieces and select a colored yarn. Leaving about 1 inch of the rope uncovered from the end, start to wrap the yarn around the rope.

Tie a knot in the yarn at your beginning point and start wrapping.

Step 3

Wrap the yarn around the rope until reaching almost the other end of the rope. Make sure to leave 1 inch uncovered on that end, too.

Step 4

Cut off the yarn from the skein and leave 3-4 inches of extra yarn at the end.

Using a tapestry needle (with a larger eye), thread the yarn. Push it through the rope at the edge of where the yarn was last wrapped. Pull the needle all the way through.

Step 5

Insert the needle under the yarn wrap and pull it out again.

Step 6

Cut off the extra yarn once it has been secured.

Step 7

Continue to wrap and cover the other 2 pieces of rope in the same way.

Step 8

Using thin rope, fold a length of rope in half. It should be about 3 1/2 inches long to make a mini rainbow macrame wall hanging like this one. But it might need to be longer to make a larger wall hanging.

Push the bead onto the folded rope from the looped end. Depending on the size of the rope and the hole of the bead, it could be pretty tight without slipping off (that’s what you ideally want).

Step 9

Take the felt fabric and glue the open ends of the beaded rope on the felt. Keep the bead and the looped end of the rope off of the felt fabric.

Step 10

Take the longest yarn-wrapped rope piece and attach it onto the felt by creating a curved rainbow shape. Use hot glue to attach it.

Step 11

Attach the medium rope next and then the shortest rope. Try to keep the ropes as close together as possible so that it looks just like a rainbow with the colors side by side.

Step 12

Cut away the remaining felt from around the rope rainbow.

Step 13

Glue pom poms around the top of the rainbow. Gently fray the ends of the rope to be wavy and loose by pulling at the cut ends and unraveling them.

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Rainbow Wall Hangings to Buy on Etsy

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We can’t get enough of these colors of this beautiful rainbow macrame wall hanging!

These aren’t your normal rainbow colors, but this wall hanging is beautiful nonetheless! It’s perfect for someone who prefers neutrals.

We love this huge pom pom rainbow wall hanging

Deirdre Henry

Sunday 22nd of May 2022

Your rainbow wall hanging is very pretty. Love it.


Monday 23rd of May 2022

Thank you so much, Deirdre!!!