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Hula Hoop Christmas Wreath

This DIY hula hoop Christmas wreath is so easy to make for less than $5! Once you see how fast you can make an oversized Christmas wreath for the front door, you will want to make one, too!

We love this wreath because it is larger than most traditional holiday wreaths, which is great for a large space.

Oversized wreaths usually cost a lot of money, but this one can be made for around $5, depending on if you need to buy paint and how much paint you use.

I bought my hula hoops at the Dollar Tree.

DIY Hula Hoop Christmas Wreath



Step 1

Spray paint the hula hoops green on both sides. I painted over the decorative wrapping outside. You could remove the plastic outer wrap and paint the plain hoops underneath.

I used 3-4 thin layers of spray paint to completely coat the hula hoops.

Allow to dry completely. I let mine dry overnight because the outer surface was very tacky hours later. I ended up needing to hang the hoops on a hook so that they could dry on both sides.

Step 2

Hold the two hula hoops together with the two hoops stacked on top of each other, with the smaller one in the inside.

Using a zip tie, secure the two hoops together and stacked on top of each other.

Cut off the excess of the zip tie.

Step 3

Attach a bow to the top to hide the zip tie.

I used a pre-made bow, so I just twisted the ties around the hula hoops to secure.

Step 4

Create a hanger using fishing line, ribbon or another material, if needed. Tie a loop around the zip tie in the back as a hanger.

Helpful Tips

  • Use a spray paint that works on plastic. A spray paint and primer combo is especially great to use.
  • I found that the paint easily peeled off when I spray painted the hoops while on a large piece of paper and let dry. The paint on either side was tacky and just not drying quickly enough to get the project done in a few hours. I would suggest hanging the hoop on a hook or somewhere it can dry on either side until hardened.
  • I can be difficult trying to find hula hoops outside of summer season. When you see the outdoor toys in the stores in Spring and Summer, stock up on them!

You can see how I made this hula hoop wreath in my YouTube video below:

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