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Winter Church Scene Wreath

This peaceful winter scene wreath is made with Dollar Tree supplies. We spent $5 on supplies from the dollar store and used an embroidery hoop from the thrift store to make this Christmas church wreath that is gorgeous on a front door.

A christmas hoop wreath with a wooden church and pinecones.

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A christmas wreath with a church on a brick wall.

I usually can find embroidery hoops at my thrift store. However, you can buy hoops new on Amazon, Walmart or in craft stores.

Winter Holiday Scene Embroidery Hoop Wreath

All supplies, other than the embroidery hoop, were purchased at the Dollar Tree.


  • Large Embroidery Hoop
  • White Tree Ornaments (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Zip Ties (I used 4)
  • White Church Ornament (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • 2 Dollar Tree Floral Picks
A hoop with christmas decorations and scissors on it.


Step 1

Lay the two floral picks along the bottom of your hoop form. You will want to join the floral stems together at the base of the flowers so that you don’t see too much of the wire pick. The floral picks will be laid in opposite directions.

A wooden hoop with red poinsettias and pine cones.

Step 2

Bend the floral picks so that the greenery and flowers curve up the loop on either side. Then attach the floral picks to the hoop with zip ties.

Try to attach the zip ties over the wires, tucking the zip ties underneath the greenery so that they are not seen.

A wooden hoop with red and green leaves and pine cones.

Once attached, trim the excess off of the zip ties in the back.

Step 3

In the middle of the hoop on the bottom of the wreath form where the floral picks are overlapping, you are going to glue the church ornament to the wreath.

I did use a lot of hot glue to get the ornament to attach. Add the glue not only to the wreath form but also to the greenery and flowers that the ornament will be sitting on top of.

Step 4

Remove the ornament hangers from the two tree ornaments. Then glue the ornaments to the wreath form from the back of the wreath.

A christmas wreath with a white church and red poinsettias.

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Dollar tree diy winter church wreath.