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DIY Christmas Cardinal Wreath

It is so easy to make a Christmas cardinal wreath for the holidays! I used Dollar Tree supplies to make a cute wreath that just needs hot glue to assemble.

Have you seen the costs of already-made wreaths in the home decor stores? They usually cost between $30-50. Ouch!

Why buy a wreath when you can easily make your own? I promise, it’s so easy.

I decided to make this cardinal wreath because it is great for Christmas and all winter long.

The cheerful red cardinals and holly berries can be found in nature well after the Christmas holidays.

So this is a wreath that you can use on your front door for many months, until you change it for Spring.

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I have a variety of Dollar Tree wreaths, including my Peace wreath, Christmas Church Wreath and this easy sunflower clothespin wreath.

I used only Dollar Tree supplies, other than paint that I already had at home. You can find the same items, or similar ones, at the Dollar Tree or other dollar store, such as Dollar General.

The cost of making this wreath was $8.75 before tax. That includes the following supplies:

  • 3 greenery garlands
  • 1 wire wreath form
  • 1 wooden birdhouse
  • 2 floral picks

How to Make a Cardinal Wreath for Christmas


  • Dollar Tree 14 inch wire wreath form
  • 2-3 Dollar Tree winter greenery garland
  • Wooden birdhouse
  • Dollar Tree berry pick
  • Dollar Tree winter floral pick with red cardinal
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • White and Black acrylic paints
  • Wire Cutters


Wrap the greenery garlands around the wire wreath form.

To begin, wrap the end of one section around a support wire (the straight wires that go across the round frame) a few times to secure it. Then you can continue looping the garland around the wire form all the way around.

I used 2 1/2 Dollar Tree garlands.

Next, using the white paint, paint the front, sides and bottom of the birdhouse. There is no need to paint the back since no one will see it if it’s against a door.

Use two coats of paint for the best coverage.

Paint the roof with the black paint. Use at least two coats of paint.

Using wire cutters, cut small sections of the red winter berries off of the floral pick.

Decide where you’d like the berries to be by placing them on the wreath. Then, once you know where you would like them, attach them with a hot glue gun.

You will need just a little dab of hot glue on the back of the berries to attach them to the greenery. Press down firmly onto the garland to attach.

Place the birdhouse on the inside of the wreath and see where the base of the house will touch the wreath form. This is where you will want to be adding the hot glue to attach it.

Add hot glue to those areas, and then press down gently but firmly to adhere the birdhouse to the inner bottom edge of the wreath.

Remove the cardinal from the floral pick with wire cutters.

Hot glue the cardinal to the top of the house with a dab of glue.

The berries that were on the cardinal pick I glued to the other side of the birdhouse on the side.

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