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DIY Star Gift Box

If you love making handmade gifts, then you might want to try this DIY star gift box, too!

DIY Gift Box Cricut Design Space MFA9E217

This DIY gift box can actually work like a gift bag, as well. In fact, if you punched holes in the tips of the stars, you could add your own ribbon or twine handle.

star Gift Box with Candy Canes

Fill the star gift box with treats (like candy canes, cookies, a small present, etc.) to make it the gift itself. Or just stuff with tissue paper and insert your present inside.

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Red Star Gift Box with candy canes on white table

How to Make a Star Gift Box


DIY Holiday Star Gift Box with Cricut


Uploading the Star Box Template

Open Cricut Design Space. 

Click on the “+” sign to start a new project, opening up a blank canvas.

Click on the Images button from the toolbar.

Search #MFA9E217 and then click on the image to insert the pattern on the canvas.

Cricut Design Space Screen for DIY Star Foldable Gift Box

Maintain the size.

Change the color of the star shapes to match the material color you will be using.

Cricut Design Space Screen for DIY Star Gift Box Cut Out

Duplicate the image to make as many star gift boxes as you want.

Cricut Design Space Screen for DIY Star Gift Box

Change the color of the additional star shapes to match the material colors you will be using.

Cricut Design Space Screen for DIY Gift Box Material Colors
Circut Design Space Screenshot MFA9E217


With the machine set to Cricut Maker, select “Make It” in Design Space.

Cricut Design Space Star Box

Set material type to Foil Kraft Board, Holographic.

Cricut Design Space Materials Screen Shot

Place the first sheet of kraft board onto the mat. Each star gift box uses two sheets of 12”x12” kraft board.

Cricut Machine with Red Foil Paper Loaded

Follow prompts for loading kraft board into Cricut Maker. Insert the scoring tool as instruction and proceed.

Switch to a fine point blade to complete the cut. When the cut is complete, unload the mat from the machine.

Cricut Cutting DIY Gift Box

Remove the cut pieces from the cutting mat and put aside.

Star Gift Box Cut Out on Cricut Mat
DIY Star Gift Box Cut Out

Repeat for the remaining patterns and sheets of kraft board.

Assembling the Star Gift Box

Fold the pieces along the score lines of the rectangular shape next to the star cutouts towards the back (with wrong sides together).

Folded DIY Holiday Star Gift Box

Fold the score lines along the smaller tabs inwards (with wrong sides together) for all remaining score lines except for one.

Assembling DIY Gift Box

Next, fold the one smaller tab (along the bottom of the larger gift box piece) outwards (with right sides together).

Working one tab at a time and quickly since hot glue dries fast, apply a bead of hot glue along the tab adjacent to the star and press it in place tucking it behind the star.

Repeat with the other tab forming the box behind the star.

Hot Glueing Star Gift Box DIY

Glue the bottom tab in place securing the box shape in place. 

Hot Glue on DIY Star Gift Box

Join the two pieces together by gluing the tabs from the larger piece to the smaller piece behind the star cutout.

Glueing DIY Gift Box Together
Bottom of Assembled DIY Gift Box

Glue the tabs along on the side rectangular shapes together to complete the gift box.

Putting Star Gift Box Together
Assembling DIY Holiday Star Gift Box
Putting DIY Holiday Star Gift Box Together

Repeat these steps for making as many star gift boxes as needed.

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