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Waterless Snow Globe

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Upcycle a jar to create a fun waterless snow globe for Christmas!

Waterless Snow Globe

Have you ever wondered how to make a snow globe without water? It can be done! All you need are materials that behave just like they would in water. And the white foam beads in this recycled craft work just like snowflakes in a water globe.

I love that I can make several of these DIY Christmas snow globes from jars of all shapes and sizes. I can collect plastic jars and glass jars (or even buy some) to make unique snow globes as a fun gift.

In fact, this is one of my quick and easy Christmas crafts.

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Feel free to customize the look with different colors of paper for the trees, or different pom pom and sequin colors. I think it would be fun with pastels and hot pink colors, too!

Waterless Snow Globe Craft and Christmas Decor

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DIY Christmas Snow Globe


Waterless Snow Globe Craft Supplies


Cut out the Christmas Trees Templates. Trace the templates onto the green cardstock. Cut out the trees. 

Cutting Christmas trees out of paper
Tracing Christmas Tree for Craft
Paper Christmas Trees for Craft Project

Place the Nutella jar lid on the red and white polka dotted cardstock and trace around the lid. Cut out the circle. Hot glue it to the top of the lid. 

Tracing Circle with Pencil
Cutting Out Paper Circle
Hot Glueing Snow Globe Craft

Place the Christmas Trees templates back on the green trees. Cut on the lines in the middle of the trees,and then fold along the line on the trunk of the trees. 

Cutting Paper Christmas Tree for Craft
Paper Christmas Trees for Snow Globe

Slide the trees together, with the tree with the line cut from the bottom fitting on top of the tree with the line cut from the top. Straighten the trees until they are perpendicular to each other. 

Constructing Paper Christmas Tree
Green Paper Christmas Tree for Snow Globe

Hot glue the tree to the inside of the jar lid, then hot glue the medium sized white pom poms around the base of the tree. 

Constructing Paper Snow Globe Christmas Craft
Snow Globe Christmas Craft with Snow Bottom

Hot glue the small red, green, and white pom poms along with the red and gold sequins to the tree, until all sides of the tree are decorated. 

Hot Glue Gun with Sequin on Paper Christmas Tree
Paper Christmas Tree Decorations
Christmas Tree Snow Globe Craft with Snow

Pour the snowflake confetti and white foam beads into the empty jar. Screw the lid with the tree attached onto the jar. 

Snow Confetti for Snow Globe with No Water
Fake Snow for Snow Globe
Christmas Tree and Snow in DIY Snow Globe
Easy Snow Globe Christmas Craft

Hot glue the red and green yarn pom pom to the bottom of the jar (which is now the top – without the lid).

Red and Green Yarn Christmas Decoration

Shake whenever you want to see a winter wonderland snow globe!

Helpful Tips

  • If your foam beads do not stick to the inside of the jar, rub around the inside of the jar moving in the same direction all the way around the jar to create static electricity. 
  • You can use any type of jar for the waterless snow globe. A mason jar, spaghetti jar, peanut butter jar, etc.
  • Add some iridescent glitter if you want even more sparkle in your snow globe.

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