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List of Crochet Abbreviations (and Free Printable!)

Learning crochet often feels like learning a new language, because you do! Crochet patterns use crochet abbreviations. If you don’t understand the abbreviations, then you will never be able to follow a pattern.

That is why our helpful list of Crochet Abbreviations is essential to print out and use as a reference! It will save you lot of time from needing to search what each abbreviation means on the internet or in a book.

The list is in alphabetical order and as you will see, some of the shortcuts are combinations of two different abbreviations. For instance, ‘dcbp‘ is a combo of dc – Double Crochet and bp – Back Post

Why Are There So Many Abbreviations in Crochet?

Abbreviations make it quicker and easier to write out crochet patterns. Some names for stitches and techniques can be a little wordy so if you can use a shorthand term instead, it saves a lot of time.

For instance, the term ‘Back Post Half Double Crochet‘ would get a little annoying if you had to write it over and over again, right? Instead, you can write ‘bphdc‘ and all crocheters know exactly what you are talking about. This also saves a lot of space when printing out a crochet pattern.

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List of common crochet abbreviations

Most patterns will have a listing of the stitches and techniques used, usually found at the top of the pattern. 

Some crochet designers also seem to have their own terms so make sure and read through the entire pattern as well as any notes before you begin to crochet. This can save you a lot of headaches later on.

This list refers to abbreviations commonly used in the USA. The UK terms are somewhat different. 

beg –Beginning
bet –Between
bl –Back Loop
blo –Back Loop Only
bo –Bobble
bp –Back Post
bpdc –Back Post Double Crochet
bphdc –Back Post Half Double Crochet
bpsc –Back Post Single Crochet
bptr –Back Post Triple (Treble) Crochet
cc –Contrasting Color
ch –Chain
cl –Cluster
dc –Double Crochet
dc2tog –Double Crochet Two Together
dcbp –Double Crochet Back Post
dcfp –Double Crochet Front Post
dec –Decrease
dnt –Do Not Turn
dtr –Double Triple (Treble) Crochet
fdc –Foundation Double Crochet
fhdc –Foundation Half Double Crochet
fl –Front Loop
flo –Front Loop Only
FO –Finish Off
fp –Front Post
fpdc –Front Post Double Crochet
fphdc –Front Post Half Double Crochet
fpsc –Front Post Single Crochet
fptr –Front Post Triple (Treble) Crochet
hdc –Half Double Crochet
hdc2tog –Half Double Crochet Two Together
htc –Half Triple (Treble) Crochet
inc –Increase
lp –Loop
mc – Main Color
mr –Magic Ring
pm –Place Marker
ps – Puff Stitch
rem –Remaining
rep –Repeat
rnd –Round
rs –Right Side
sc –Single Crochet
sc2tog –Single Crochet Two Together
sc3tog –Single Crochet Three Together
sk –Skip
sl st –Slip Stitch
sp –Space
st –Stitch
sts –Stitches
tch –Turning Chain
tog –Together
tr –Triple (Treble) Crochet
trtr –Triple Triple (Treble Treble)
ws –Wrong Side
yo –Yarn Over
* –Repeat from asterisk (*)

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