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DIY Clay Leprechaun Gnome

These adorable clay leprechaun gnomes are so easy to make! They are perfect St. Patricks Day decorations.

While we made miniature clay gnomes, you can use this same tutorial to make large gnomes. Just use larger pieces of clay.

Clay Leprechaun Gnomes on a white table top.

These fun gnomes are similar to our Valentines Day gnome couple and clay penguins, so you could make several varieties at the same time.

How to Make Leprechaun Gnomes


  • Air dry clay or foam clay (we suggest getting a multi-color pack so that you have colors to choose from)
  • Clay tools (this 14-pack is very inexpensive!)


Step 1

You will need 6-7 different colored clays for this craft:

  • Nose (flesh color)
  • Hat, hat brim and buckle (brown or green, black, yellow)
  • Body (green)
  • Beard (orange)
  • Belt (brown)
  • Shamrock (green)
Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 1

Step 2

With the color selected for the body, form a smooth, round shape ball.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 2 white surface.

Then roll the clay ball against a flat surface to form a cylinder shape.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 3 top of a white surface.

Step 3

Use the pin head clay tool to make a 1/2 inch deep hole at the bottom end of the clay cylinder shape.

This hole at the bottom side will help the clay gnome to stand firmly.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 4

Step 4

Make a small ball from flesh tone clay to make the nose.

Attach the nose on the top, front side of the body shape by pressing down slightly.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 5 on a white surface.

Step 5

Using the clay color for the beard, make a small, flat circle shape.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 6 on a white surface.

Step 6

Using your fingers, make a pointy end at one end of the circle to form a teardrop.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 7

Use a clay tool or your fingertip to press down and make an inward curve at the opposite end of the pointy end.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 8

Step 7

Use a clay knife tool to add stripes on the beard to resemble hair.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 9

Step 8

Using the color clay for the belt, roll a long, thin rope shape.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 10 on a white surface.

Step 9

Wrap the belt around the middle part of the body.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 11

Step 10

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 12 on a white table.

Press the clay beard onto the body, below and around the nose.

Step 11

With the clay color for the hat, for a cone shape. Use about the same amount of clay as you did for the body base.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 13 resting on a white surface.

Step 12

Pinch the base out and flatten the bottom side of the cone to form the band of the hat.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 14

Step 13

Press the clay hat on top of the body, molding the hat to fold over the nose and top of the body base.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 15

Step 14

With a very small amount of clay to make the shamrock, form a flat teardrop shape.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 16

Use clay knife tool to make an indentation at the middle point of the rounded edge of the teardrop.

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 17

Step 15

Make 3 more leaves in the same way.

Press all 4 of them together with all of the pointy ends joined together in the middle to make a shamrock. 

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 18

Step 16

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 19 on a white surface.

Roll a very small piece of clay in the same color to make a small stem. Press the stem to the back of the shamrock gently to attach.

Step 17

Clay Leprechaun Gnome Step 20 sitting on a white surface.

Using the color of clay to make the hat belt, roll a very thin piece of clay and then flatten. Wrap the clay around the hat, cutting off excess clay in the back.

With yellow clay, pinch off a very small amount and roll into a very thin rope. Make a small circle with the clay and gently press to the front of the belt.

Press the clay shamrock to the hat above the belt.

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Diy st patrick's day gnomes.

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