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DIY Felt Shamrock Pocket People (Free Pattern)

These cute shamrock people pockets are perfect for giving small St. Patrick’s Day gifts. Make these shamrock pockets with felt, glue and our free pattern in about 30 minutes. No sewing needed!

The DIY gift holders are perfect for a fun, small gift on Saint Patricks Day. Fill them with coins, candy or notes.

St patrick's day felt shamrock crafts.

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St patrick's day felt shamrocks.

I bought the wiggle eyes and chenille stems at the Dollar Tree, so this can be an inexpensive St. Patricks Day craft.

Felt sheets can be found at Walmart, Joann, and other craft stores. I have sometimes seen them at the dollar store, as well.

St patrick's day felt shamrock.

How to Make Felt Shamrock People for St. Patrick’s Day


A green felt craft kit with scissors and glue.


Step 1

Download, print and cut out the free shamrock pocket pattern.

Trace or pin the small shamrock pattern onto a piece of green craft felt. Cut out with scissors.

A pair of scissors and a piece of felt on a table.
Shamrock felt leaves and scissors on a wooden table.

Then trace the large shamrock pattern onto a different color of green craft felt using pinking shears.

A green piece of felt with shamrocks and a marker.

Helpful Tip: Cut inside all the traced lines for a clean, finished project.

A pair of scissors next to a green felt shamrock.
A pair of scissors with shamrocks and shamrocks on a wooden table.

Step 2

Cut chenille stem into four equal lengths by cutting the stem in half and then cut those two sections in half again.

Bend the ends of two sections of chenille stems into legs with rectangular feet. Then bend the other two into arms with circular hands by making a curled circle at the end of the stem.  

A pair of scissors on a wooden table next to a green craft stick.

Step 3

Glue the arms and legs to the large shamrock felt bodies as seen in the photo.

Tuck the cut ends of the chenille stem arms and legs in between the felt layers to cover any sharp wire ends. 

St patrick's day shamrock craft with a glue gun.

Place the small shamrock on top of the large shamrock, covering the ends of the chenille stems.

Glue around the edge of the small shamrock, leaving the top open to become the pocket.

St patrick's day craft with a glue gun and a green shamrock.

Step 4

Cut half inch by half inch squares from pink craft felt. Then trim those squares into circles by rounding the edges with scissors to make cheeks.

To create the face, glue two pink cheeks and two wiggle eyes to each felt shamrock in the top leaf section.

St patrick's day craft with a glue gun and scissors.

Using a permanent marker, draw a semi-circle smile onto the face from cheek to cheek.

A felt shamrock with a pen and a marker.

To use, tuck something fun into the small pocket, such as chocolate gold coins, stickers, pennies, quarters or handmade notes or jokes.

Three felt shamrocks on a wooden surface.

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