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DIY Paper Umbrella Drink Sticks

Do you love those tropical drink umbrella picks that you get in your cocktail at a fancy resort? Me, too! Which is why I’m so thrilled to bring you these DIY paper umbrella drink sticks that you can make on your own!

tropical drinks with Umbrella Sticks

I’ve been known to keep those drink umbrellas long after the cocktail is gone. In fact, I used to add them to my houseplants so that I could look at them for a while. It’s weird, but there’s something about these tiny little umbrellas that just makes you happy and dreaming about a vacation, am I right?

Umbrella Drink Sticks and Palm Fronds
DIY little Umbrellas for Drinks tutorial

Why not make your own paper umbrellas without having to buy them? I love that you can customize these drink sticks to be whatever color and pattern that you want. Which means you could make customized umbrellas to garnish any drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and make them to complement your party’s theme.

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Every SVG file for these tropical party decorations is free! Just download them from the link in each tutorial.

DIY Paper Umbrella Drink Sticks



Upload SVG file to Design Space. Select “ungroup” on the layers panel.

Select the the layer with the fold lines. Once selected, click “line type” towards the left of the top toolbar. Click the drop down menu and select “Score”.

Next, select the score lines layer and the umbrella shape layer. Hit attach towards the bottom of the layers panel.

Afterwards, hit “make it” to cut the umbrella. Adjust your material dial or setting to medium card stock and load the card stock on to a blue or green grip mat. Adjust your tool to either the scoring wheel or scoring stylus and load it into the machine when prompted. Hit the flashing go button.

Cricut Design Space Material Setting
Cricut Mat with colorful paper

Once cut, begin to fold the score lines starting with the glue tab. The glue tab will begin with a mountain fold (folded part up). The next line after will be a valley fold (folded seam down). Every score line that has a tiny knob will be a valley fold. Continue to alternate mountain and valley folds.

Place a small amount of glue on the glue tab to connect both ends of the umbrella to complete it.

DIY Drink Umbrellas
Hot glueing DIY drink umbrellas

Flip the umbrella upside down. In the middle, add a glob of hot glue. Place a cake pop stick in the glue and hold until a bit dry. The stick should stick in the glue and not move around.

Glueing stick to drink umbrella
Umbrellas to garnish drinks for Parties

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