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DIY Fire Starter Pinecones

These DIY wax dipped fire starter pinecones are beautiful and they help to easily start a campfire.

It’s the season for being cozy! And who wouldn’t love a basket of these beautiful fire starters for their campfires? If you are looking for a stunning gift that’s simple to make, then make a batch of these (they are so easy!).

You might want to pair these with some scented firestarter candles, as well!

The wax and pinecones act as natural kindling to help get fires going in a fire pit or campfire.

Package them up in a basket, or wrap individually in cellophane, for a great gift. Perfect hostess gift!

If you have leftover beeswax, you can make these DIY Christmas ornaments.

Helpful Hints and Tips

  • These wax dipped pinecones use beeswax for a slight honey-like scent. You could use another type of wax, such as soy wax or even old candle wax, instead.
  • I found really large pine cones to use. But they don’t have to be this big. Smaller pine cones will work, too. (You can also buy pinecones online if you don’t have access to them.)
  • I added essential oil for a slight fragrance. Cinnamon essential oil is my favorite to use in fire starters. You could also use pine, orange, cloves, etc.
  • The candle dye that I used is not necessary. It just makes the wax dipped pinecones look more beautiful for gift giving.

NOTE: You do not want the wax or sap from the pinecones building up in an indoor fireplace. And you definitely do NOT want to use these in a gas stove or wood stove.

DIY Fire Starter Pinecones

pine cones dipped in colored wax

Dip pine cones in wax for an easy fire starter that looks beautiful to give as gifts. Add essential oils for a lovely scent around the campfire.


  • 8-10 pine cones
  • 6 cups of grated beeswax
  • Essential oil (minimum of 10 drops, you can use more)
  • Candle colouring or natural dye
  • Twine or cotton string


  1. Take about 1 foot of string and wrap it around the pine cone. Tie it at the top with a loop. pine cone with twine tied to top
  2. Melt the beeswax in a saucepan that you don’t mind getting waxy.
  3. Once wax is melted, portion out into disposable aluminum bowls and add coloring and essential oil. You will need about 6 drops of essential oils per bowl.
  4. Dip the pine cones in the wax and let dry between coats. I did two coats and that worked well for me.
  5. Let dry on a parchment lined tray. blue green and red wax covered pine cones


  • Carefully toss one pine cone into a fire that you are getting ready to burn.
  • Always be careful around the fire. The wax and pine cones will help the fire to start faster, so be careful. And pine cones can pop in a fire, sending little bits flying, so be sure to have a screen up.

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