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Tropical Pineapple Can Koozie: Cricut Craft

This tropical luau party Cricut craft makes pineapple can koozies perfect for a Hawaiian-themed party.

Want to create a fun tropical luau party at home? Or enjoy a backyard staycation that feels like an island getaway? If you like Pina Coladas (got the song in your head yet?), then you will love this Cricut craft to make a paper pineapple koozie for a soda can (or another favorite beverage).

I think we’re all trying to find fun ways to enjoy vacation at home. If you’re dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation but aren’t hopping a plane to paradise any time soon, this is the next best thing!

These paper pineapple drink koozies will definitely have your guests (or your family) raving about how creative you are and how unique the drinks look. And who doesn’t want that while entertaining?!?

P.S. Be sure to make a tropical luau party complete with our 3D Paper Palm Tree centerpieces upcycled from a water bottle, paper lei necklace, felt pineapple plushies and even tiny paper drink umbrellas.

How to Make Pineapple Can Koozie with Cricut



1. Upload the pineapple file to design space. Select “Ungroup” on the layers panel. Select two yellow circles for the pineapple crown and the criss-crossed lines layer of the pineapple.

Once all are selected, click “line type” towards the left of the top toolbar. Click the drop down menu and select “Score.”

You will need to score the circle on the inside of the pineapple crown to fold leaves and secure it later to the top of the can.

Pineapple lines will also need to be scored to create the points of the pineapple.

Be sure not to select the cut lines at the very top of the pineapple. Those need to stay as cut lines to fit around the soda can.

2. Choose the circular score line and smaller crown layer and select “attach.” Hide that layer until you are ready to cut.

Now, select the circular score line and larger crown layer and select “attach.” Hide that layer until you are ready to cut.

Select the yellow pineapple cut layer, the score lines for the pineapple and the small lines layer that cut at the top of the pineapple. Select “attach.”

3. Now, select “make it” it cut the pineapple layer. Adjust the material dial / setting to medium card stock. Load the card stock on to a grip mat (blue or green). Adjust your tool to either the scoring wheel or stylus. Load it into the machine when prompted to, then hit the flashing “Go” button.

4. After the card stock has been cut, go back to the canvas. Turn the pineapple layer off and repeat to cut the crown layers.

5. Begin to fold the pineapple. Fold all straight lines first, which will be mountain folds. Next, fold all diagonal lines as valley folds.

On the crown, fold all stems inwards. Use the handle of a spoon, a chopstick, or a bone folder to curl the tips of the crown leaves. Hold the paper tight on the handle and gently curve. It should stay curved afterwards.

6. Using hot glue, attached the pineapple koozie to the can. The part with the three triangles will line up with the points of the pineapple where it needs to be glued. Glue those points closed.

7. Glue the small crown on top of the large crown. Then glue both to the top of the can.

Now’s the time to go grab the pineapple can koozie SVG file!

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