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St Patrick’s Day Cork Clover Sign

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Are you trying to justify your wine drinking habit and a desire to keep all of the corks? LOL! If so, this easy St. Paddy’s day craft will make you feel better about yourself!

I love how easy this St. Patrick’s Day Cork Clover sign is to make. It’s a festive piece of wall art that just looks complicated, but is super simple to make. All you need is our free printable, paint and, of course, those wine corks!

St Patricks Day Shamrock in white frame with gold coins

Now, if you don’t have that many wine corks, or you just don’t drink wine, you have a few options to source these inexpensive craft supplies:

  • Ask wine stores or wine bars for their used wine corks
  • Tell your friends you’re needing some. They’ll probably be happy to give you the corks from their bottles.
  • Buy new corks. They’re clean, ready to use, and not that expensive. (A whole lot less than all of those bottles of wine unless you’re buying the two-buck chuck at Trader Joe’s!) In fact, you can usually get a 150-pack of wine corks for less than $20.

If you do happen to have a lot of wine bottles (hey, not judging!), repurpose one into our macrame wine bottle vase. Or, use our gnome wine bottle toppers to add some festive cheer to your bar.

And you might like my DIY wine glass charms, too. They are so easy to make!

For more St. Patrick’s Day crafts, be sure to see our free printable St. Patrick’s Day banner. Instantly add a touch of the Irish to your home or party right now. And, these cute little felt shamrocks are easy to sew!

DIY St. Patricks Day Shamrock Wall Hanging


St Patricks Day Shamrock supplies


Step 1

Remove glass and picture frame backing. Discard the glass safely, keeping in mind the edges can be very sharp. Paint the picture frame (if needed) using a white multi surface paint. Apply extra coats for additional coverage as needed. Put aside to dry fully.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 1
St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 1

Step 2

Print the clover template and place over top of green card stock. The clover shape measures 8” high. Adjust the size to fit your frame, if needed. Cut along the solid line to cut out green clover.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 2
St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 2

Step 3

Using a small amount of hot glue, place the clover centered on the white cardstock and glue in place. 

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 3

Step 4

To easily cut corks in half, place the whole corks in a cooking pot and submerge in water. Boil the corks for 10 minutes and strain the water. Leave the corks to cool completely before handling. Soaking them in water helps to soften the cork, making it easier to cut. 

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 4

Step 5

Once cool, place cork on a cutting board and carefully cut in half using a utility knife. Keep fingers AWAY from the blade at all times.  

Wine corks will still be hard to cut, so try slicing just along the edges around the cork and then pulling the two sides apart. 

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 5
St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 5

Step 6

Leave the wine corks to dry fully before moving on to the next step.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 6

Step 7

Once dry, paint the corks with green paint. Leave to dry.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 7

Step 8

Add a coat of glitter paint to the tops of each cork. Let dry.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 8

Step 9

Place the corks on top of the clover cutout, placing each cork closely to the one beside. 

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 9

Step 10

Once you are happy with the positioning, use the hot glue gun to glue each cork down in place.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 10
St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 10

Step 11

Place the shamrock art into the white picture frame. Don’t try to put the glass back on since it won’t fit.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Step 11


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