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Fourth of July Felt Star People (Free Pattern and Printable Sayings)

These felt star people are great for Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Veterans Day. Use our free pattern to make the patriotic felt pockets that can be stuffed with July 4th sayings or other small gifts.

Felt Star People A hand holding a decorative star-shaped craft with a smiling face, alongside similar crafts with patriotic american themes.

No-sew patriotic star people are an easy craft to make for parties, classroom parties, lunchbox stuffers or party favors.

Use our free patriotic sayings printable to tuck into the pocket on top of the star. Or you could add stickers, hand-written notes or even coins.

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Colorful felt craft stars with pipe cleaner arms and legs, and a patriotic theme.

How to Make Patriotic Star People Pockets


Felt Star People Crafting supplies including scissors, a glue gun, googly eyes, and colored felt on a wooden background.


Step 1

Download, print and cut out the free star patterns.

Trace the small star and the large star patterns onto different colors of the felt.

You will need a small and a large star for each pocket person in complimentary colors.

Felt Star People Step 1 Blue, white, and red felt fabric with star cutouts, a marker lying on a wooden surface.

Step 2

Cut out the large star patterns using pinking shears. Be sure to cut inside the traced lines rather than on the traced line for a clean, finished look with no marker lines visible.

Felt Star People Step 2 Three felt stars in blue, red, and light blue alongside a pair of orange-handled scissors on a wooden surface.

Step 3

Cut out the small star patterns with scissors.

Felt Star People Step 3 Five colorful felt stars and a pair of scissors on a wooden background.

Step 4

Place a small star on top of a large star. Combine two different colors for each pocket person.

Felt Star People Step 4 A collection of red, white, and blue star-shaped decorations with pipe cleaner wands on a wooden surface, suggestive of patriotic celebration.

Step 5

Cut the 12” chenille stem into four equal 3” lengths by cutting the stem in half and then cut those two halves in half again.

Bend the ends of two sections of chenille stems into legs with rectangular feet and the other two into arms with circular hands.  

Felt Star People Step 5 Blue pipe cleaners, scissors, and a ruler on a wooden surface.

Glue the arms and legs to the large star.

Step 6

Felt Star People Step 6 A hot glue gun next to a red and white star-shaped craft embellished with blue pipe cleaners.

Lay the small star on top of the large star, making sure to cover the ends of the chenille stems.

Glue the edges of the small star to the large star but leave the top of the star open to create the pocket.

Step 7

Cut two half inch by half inch squares of pink felt and then trim those squares into circles to make cheeks for each star person.

Felt Star People Step 7 Orange scissors with cut felt pieces on a white wooden surface.

Glue two cheeks and two wiggle eyes to each felt star. We used wiggle eyes of two different sizes for a comical look.

Step 8

Use a permanent black marker to draw a semi-circle smile from cheek to cheek, overlapping the marker onto the two pink circles.

Felt Star People Step 8 Two homemade star-shaped crafts with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms and legs on a wooden surface, with a marker lying nearby.

Step 9

Cut out the patriotic sayings from the free printable download. The words are in red and blue color, so it’s best to print in color.

Felt Star People Step 9 A blue three-ring binder open to a page with patriotic phrases, alongside a pair of orange scissors and a steel ruler on a wooden surface.

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Create your own felt star people - free pattern included!.

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