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Patriotic Clothespin Stars (Dollar Store DIY)

Add rustic farmhouse decor to your Fourth of July celebrations with these easy DIY patriotic clothespin stars.

Just glue dollar store supplies together to make pretty stars that are perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day.

Patriotic Clothespin Stars painted in red, white, and blue, displayed on a white background with greenery accents.

These handmade stars can be used in a variety of clever ways, including:

  • Garland
  • Table Decor
  • Place Card
  • Magnet
  • Glued to Wreaths (such as these Fourth of July Wreaths)
  • Gift Tag
  • Tiered Tray Decoration

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Diy project for creating rustic star decorations using clothespins, as demonstrated on

DIY Fourth of July Clothespin Stars


  • 5 Wooden Spring-style Clothespins for each star (Walmart has a better deal on clothespins than Dollar Tree)
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (Red, White, Blue)
  • Buttons, 1” in diameter (Red, White, Blue)
  • Craft Felt (Red, White, Blue)
  • Thin Jute Twine (or baker’s twine, string or ribbon)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
  • Marker
  • Paintbrush
  • Pinking Shears or Scissors
Patriotic Clothespin Stars Crafting supplies including paint, brushes, buttons, clothespins, a hot glue gun, and scissors arranged on a wooden surface.


Step 1

Remove the metal spring from five wooden clothespins, so that you have 10 wooden clothespin halves. 

Patriotic Clothespin Stars Step 1 Wooden clothespins arranged on a rustic wooden background.

Step 2

Create a V-shape with two clothespin halves. Glue them together at the tapered end to make a point. Repeat for all 5 pairs of clothespin halves.

Patriotic Clothespin Stars Step 2 A hot glue gun positioned to the left with a row of wooden clothespins lined up on a rustic wooden surface.

Step 3

Make a star shape with the five clothespin points, using the photo below as a reference guide.

Attach the top horizontal points to the top star point first. Then add the bottom two star points below, gluing the clothespins together at the edges.

Patriotic Clothespin Stars Step 3 A hot glue gun rests next to a wooden star on a rustic white wooden background.

Step 4

Paint the front and all sides of the star with acrylic craft paint.

Let dry completely, and apply a second coat, if needed. 

Patriotic Clothespin Stars Step 4 A red wooden star with a bottle of red acrylic paint and a paintbrush on a rustic white wooden background.

If making multiple clothespin stars, paint them different colors.

Step 5

Draw a circle and trace it onto felt. Use a coordinating color to the paint color used on the wooden star and the color of the button you are using.

Cut out the circle using pinking shears. Cut inside the traced lines for a clean, finished look.

Patriotic Clothespin Stars Step 6 Crafting materials including scissors, a marker, and fabric patches on a wooden surface.

Alternatively, you can use colored card stock or craft foam instead of felt.

Step 6

Glue the felt circle in the center of the star, adding the glue to the outer edge of the felt circle.

Then glue the button to the center of the felt circle.

Patriotic Clothespin Stars Step 7 A hot glue gun surrounded by colorful diy fidget spinners made from clothespins and buttons on a wooden surface.

Step 8

Patriotic Clothespin Stars Step 8 with Assorted clothespins painted as stars, twine, scissors, and a hot glue gun on a wooden surface.

Tie a small bow with twine. Trim off the excess long ends.

Glue the bow to the middle of the button.

Extra clothespins can be used to make our 3D Clothespin Star or our easy Sunflower Wreath.

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A diy guide for creating easy patriotic stars craft displayed on a bright background.

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