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How to Make a Faux Peep: DIY Easter Gift Card Holder

If you love the look of Easter Peeps but don’t want to eat the super-sweet marshmallow treats, then this easy DIY faux peep craft is for you!

We made Peeps out of clay. Then created a cute Easter Gift Card Holder that is perfect for giving gifts to adults and older kids who don’t want t a lot of candy for the holiday.

Or, you could make this craft and use it as an Easter table place card holder, instead. Just substitute the place card name for the gift card.

Our handprint carrot craft, small carrot Easter basket and Easter carrot treat bags also make great Easter place settings, too!

This craft has a designer-look feel to it, but it is easy to make!

You can make the Peeps in any color that you want. While we chose the classic yellow Peep, you could also make a blue, pink or purple peep, too.

Just choose the same color of glitter and modeling clay. Then paint the pot in a coordinating color.

This is just one of our easy Easter crafts. Be sure to see them all!

DIY Faux Peep Craft (Perfect Easter Gift Card Holder)


  • Crayola Model Magic clay (one pack per Peep)
  • Extra fine craft glitter
  • Miniature Terra cotta pot (see our stacked clay pot carrot using small terra cotta pots, too)
  • Paint (I used purple for the pot, and brown for the Peep eyes)
  • Mod Podge
  • Basket filler
  • Rolling pin
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Ribbon


Open the package of Crayola Model Magic clay and split it in half.

Roll out the clay with the rolling pin to be about 1/2 inch thick for the base of the peep.

Shape the clay into an oval. At the back of the oval, pinch it back and make a small dip to create the tail.

Helpful Tip: You don’t want your oval to be longer than the width of your clay pot!

Now it is time to shape the neck and head of the Peep. Start by rolling the other half of the clay into a short rope-like shape, as seen in the photo.

Stand the rope-shape up and begin to smooth downwards using your fingers to create a Hershey Kiss-like shape, keeping the bottom the same width as the base. Create a short neck and pinch in the front to create a beak.

Place the head shape on top of the base. Smooth out the seams with your fingers.

Using a small craft knife or utility knife, create a small slit behind the Peep’s head where you want to put the gift card. This will be a groove for the gift card to sit in. Be sure the card will fit in deep enough.

Allow the clay to dry completely.

Once the clay has dried, apply a layer of Mod Podge. Then sprinkle glitter all over the Peep. Allow to dry.

Add eyes to your Peep with the brown craft paint. Apply just a drop of the paint using the tip of a ball point pen or the end of a small paint brush on each side of the beak.

Paint the pot. Allow to dry.

Tie a bow around the top of the pot with your ribbon.

Add the basket filler into the pot. Nestle the faux Peep on top of the Easter grass. Put the gift card in the groove.

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