Published On August 11, 2020 | Last Updated September 09, 2020
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These Rae Dunn inspired pumpkins for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving are made from items from a dollar store.

I love me a good dollar store craft, don’t you? There’s something so satisfying about turning something that cost a buck into home decor that looks like it cost so much more. That’s why I’m so excited to share these Rae Dunn inspired pumpkins that are perfect for decorating your mantel, tabletop or tables during Autumn.

When you’re making seasonal decorations, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will only be out for a few weeks. So that’s why I love that these cute pumpkins are inexpensive to make.

And I KNOW that you’ve seen these pumpkins in the dollar store before if you shop there! They are out every season!

Even better is that these glass pumpkins quickly change into farmhouse chic decorations in just a few easy steps!

*While only three words are shown in this tutorial, the SVG file actually has many more words perfect for Fall, Autumn, and Thanksgiving, including:

How to Make Rae Dunn Inspired Pumpkins (Dollar Store craft)



1. Paint each pumpkin using the chalk paint and allow to dry completely.

2. Upload SVG into Cricut Design Space and select the file.

3. If you’re not cutting all the words, ungroup the letters, then select which words you would like to cut.

4. Select all the letters in the word you will be cutting, then group those letters together.

5. Resize the word to fit on your pumpkin. Letters for small Dollar Tree pumpkin should be 1 inch tall.

6. Delete the remaining words.

7. Weld the words together. 

8. Cut the words on the black vinyl and weed the excess vinyl from around each word.

9. Place transfer tape over each word and transfer the vinyl to the front of each pumpkin, starting in the middle of the word and pressing outward to adhere the vinyl to the pumpkin.

10. Press each letter into the pumpkin firmly, then remove the transfer tape.

Don’t forget to download the SVG file!

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