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Pencil Cup Pumpkin (Dollar Store DIY)

A set of wire mesh pencil and paper clip cups from the office section of the Dollar Tree, some craft paint, and ribbon transforms these basic supplies into a pair of modern Pumpkins.

What I love about this DIY project is that it is so unique and easy! I love to turn unexpected items into cute decorations, and that is exactly what I did with these office organizers!

Pencil Cup Pumpkin With Green Ribbon on White Wood Table

These Dollar Tree pumpkin crafts cost less than $2 each to make.

They are so easy and so unique that these would be great to make for craft fairs!

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DIY Wire Basket Pumpkins


  • Free Pencil Cup Pumpkin Leaf Pattern
  • Wire Mesh Pencil and Paper Clip Cups (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (I used DecoArt Americana in Canyon Orange and Burnt Orange)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Wooden Stems (buy a bag from the Dollar Tree or use a branch from your yard)
  • Mini Silk Flower Stem
  • Scissors
  • Sanding Block or Sandpaper
Pencil Cup Pumpkin Materials


Step 1

Remove the tags from the wire mesh pencil and paper clip cups. Wipe the cups both inside and out to remove any dust or debris.

Sand the wired mesh cups slightly so that the paint will stick to the mesh.

Pencil Cup Pumpkin Step 1

Step 2

Paint the short cup with dark orange acrylic craft paint both inside and out.

Paint the tall cup with bright orange acrylic craft paint both inside and out.

Pencil Cup Pumpkin Step 2

Set aside to dry. Apply a second coat of paint, if needed.

Step 3

Glue one wooden stem to the top of each pumpkin.

Pencil Cup Pumpkin Step 3

Don’t worry if the stem isn’t perfectly straight because that will give the pumpkin a bit of extra character.

Step 4

Download and print the leaf pattern. Cut out with scissors and trace onto green felt with a marker.

Pencil Cup Pumpkin Step 4

Cut out the leaves, cutting inside the traced lines so that you do not see the marker lines on your leaves.

Alternatively, you can hand draw leaves on felt or use faux greenery leaves from a floral arrangement.

Step 5

Cut two 10” lengths of ribbon. Tie the ribbons in bows, and then trim any long ends with scissors.

Pencil Cup Pumpkin Step 5

Glue a few springs of mini silk flowers to the pumpkin stem. Cover the base of the flowers and stem by gluing on the bow.

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