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Home Tour

When I bought my house, it could have been used for the picture in the dictionary to define the term “fixer upper.”  It was just over 30 years old when I bought it in 2007, but it hadn’t known much love in its life.

Here’s what it looked like when I bought it:

Home tour before photo
BEFORE: My house, built in 1985, was neglected and rundown when I bought it.

Unfortunately, after spending every penny I had to buy my house, the housing market started to tumble.  My home value was plummeting, even while I was trying to make improvements.

So, I had to be thrifty.  I did as many projects myself as I could.  And I came up with ideas for updates I could do without spending a ton of money.

A few years later, the exterior looked like this:

House tour after
AFTER: The exterior has been transformed. See the thrifty updates I made inside as well.

Home Tour

Come along and see how the interior changed as well.  I think you’ll love these budget friendly updates that completely transformed my home.


When I bought my house, it had the original kitchen from 1985.  Kitchen remodels are expensive!  So, I did some clever repurposing and some super thrifty updates to create a whole new look.  See more.

Dining Area

Open to both the kitchen and the living room, the dining area was small and a little awkward.  With the right furniture and lighting, it blends perfectly with the rest of the open living area.  See more.

Living Room

The living room used to have pink carpet, drapes shredded by cats, an ugly fireplace hearth, and an awkward layout.  With some creative re-imagining, it is now a beautiful contemporary space.  See more.

Home Office

Marketed as a “Den,” I wasn’t really sure what to do with this oddly shaped room at first.  With some thoughtful furniture choices, it’s become one of my favorite rooms in the house. I like the window seat in the office that I created out of an upholstered bench. It’s a cozy place to sit and stare out the window.

I painted this room with Valspar Misty Surf in eggshell finish.

Master Bedroom

From pink carpet, pink blinds, and puffy pink valences to an inviting and relaxing retreat.  This bedroom transformed with just a little paint and accent fabric.  See more.

Bedroom Closet

As someone who enjoys wearing pretty clothes, I needed more efficient storage space.  I created a custom closet system with some DIY creativity and a tiny budget.  See more.

Spare Bedroom

A tribute to ’80s decor, the spare bedroom had peach walls and blinds, plus a wallpaper border with geese and teddy bears.  A little paint and a few functional furniture pieces were all it took to transform this room.  See more.

Full Bathroom

Blue faux marble bathtub surround, limited storage, and outdated fixtures.  Check out what was done on a limited budget to completely update this bathroom.  See more.

Laundry Room

Having moved from a studio apartment that required me to wash my clothes at a laundromat, I was super excited to have a laundry room of my own.  With some new open storage, it’s now a pretty little space where I try to spend as little time as possible.  See more.

The Backyard

From overgrown shrubs and a rotting deck, to a beautiful outdoor living space.  Some serious DIY effort produced a gravel patio with pergolas, a swing, eating areas, and a fire pit.  See more.