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DIY Home For The Holidays Sign

This “Home for the Holidays” sign is a surprisingly easy woodcraft DIY to make. The festive Christmas wall hanging can be glued together with inexpensive craft plywood to make stunning artwork that is perfect for your farmhouse decor or to give as a gift.

Home for the Holidays sign decoration

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How to Make a Home For the Holidays Sign


Cricut and craft supplies


Cut the wood to size, if needed. Thin craft wood can be cut with a wood knife or utility knife, or use a hand saw or automatic saw.

Paint the wood. You only need to do one side with color. The face wood was painted in red, and the back wood pieces were painted white.

painting wood red
painting wood white

Put the face piece of wood flat on a surface, with the paint side down.

Take the back pieces and glue them to the back of the face, edge to edge. You want the paint side to be down (so that it shows behind the painted side of the face piece). Find the center of the face piece, and then lay a back piece on each side. Continue outward from there.

hot glue gun on wood
hot glue gun on wood
Hot glueing wood sign craft

Now load the SVG file in Design Space.

Home for the Holidays Cricut Art

Hit the make it button. Put the vinyl on a cutting mat and load into the Cricut.

After it has been sized correctly, adjust your machine’s setting or material dial to vinyl.

Home for the Holidays Cricut art
Cricut material settings screen

Hit “go”.

Once completing with the cutting, weed off the excess vinyl with your weeding tool.

wedding Cricut adhesive vinyl

You’ll need to cut the vinyl into two separate pieces, with “Home for” as one full piece, and “the Holidays” as another separate piece.

Cut two pieces of transfer paper and apply to the vinyl.

Place the entire design facing downwards and begin to gently pull the transfer paper off.

Cricut craft Home for the Holidays vinyl

Start thinking about the placement of the vinyl. Keep in mind, you have two different vinyls that both need to fit on the face board of the sign.

“Home” should begin roughly 1 ¾ inches from the left edge. “Holidays” should stop roughly 1 ¾ inches from the right edge.

Apply the vinyl and gently add pressure for it to stick to the wood. Once done, slowly remove the transfer paper.

Measure a piece of twine or jute rope for a hanger, depending on how big you want the hanger to be.

Glue each end of the rope to the back side of the completed sign (I did each end about 6 inches from the edge. Make sure you have enough of a hook to hang where you need to.

Hot glueing jute cord
wood craft with jute cord

Glue Christmas decorations to the center of the top of the face part of the sign.

Home for the Holidays craft

Christmas Patterns and SVGs!

Want more fun holiday SVGs for crafting and creating this season? I’ve got a fun 4-pack of patterns perfect for DIYs!

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