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DIY Large Wood Christmas Gift Tag Sign

This DIY wooden gift tag sign is the perfect decoration to add to your mantel, or to tuck beside presents underneath the Christmas tree. The simple wood working project is easy to make and doesn’t have to require any power tools.

There are so many places you could display this cute Christmas sign in your home. If you add a gift tag ribbon, you could even hang this on the wall. It would be great in a vignette on the front porch, in your living room, or anywhere you want to add a touch of magic.

Believe in the Magic of Christmas wooden craft

The easy to make sign is also a great gift, too! It’s perfect as a hostess gift for holiday parties.

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All of my projects have free printable templates or SVG files to use.

Helpful Tips for Making This Wooden Sign

  • I bought my craft wood at Hobby Lobby. You can buy craft wood – which is thinner than traditional lumber – at craft stores and even some hardware stores.
  • Instead of staining, you could paint the wood. It would be pretty in a red or green color.
  • I used a drill for adding a hole to the top of the sign. If you don’t want to use power tools, you could simply glue a hang tag to the back of the wood, instead of drilling. Or don’t add the string.
  • While I used a craft knife to cut the thin wood, you could use a table saw or a hand saw.
  • Mod Podge will give the wood the grit and texture needed for the vinyl to adhere. Some craft wood is very smooth, so the Mod Podge can help.
  • If you have trouble removing the transfer paper from the vinyl on the wood, a blow dryer can help.
  • Instead of a scraper tool, you could use an old gift card to smooth the vinyl.
Believe in the Magic of Christmas wooden tag sign

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How to Make a Large Wooden Christmas Gift Tag Sign


Cricut machine and craft supples


Step 1

On the face boards, cut the outside corners on a diagonal. Cut one inch from the inside corner and 14 inches from the bottom of the sign. Cut is from the inside to the outside of the sign on both sides.

diagonal cut on wood

Step 2

Stain or paint the wood. For a lighter color, wipe off the stain quickly. For a darker color, wait a little bit before wiping off the stain.

wood stain on wood craft

Step 3

Place face pieces of wood flat on a surface, with edges touching together. Glue the back support pieces to the back of the face pieces of wood, both on the top and the bottom of the wood tag. Make sure the edges match up and there is no overlap.

I glued the back support piece about 4 inches from the top, and about 2 inches above the bottom for support.

hot glueing wood craft
hot glueing wood craft

Step 4

If you’d like to drill a hole in the sign for a hanger, find the center of the gift tag. Drill a hole in the center large enough to fit the twine or ribbon you’d be using.

hole in wooden craft

Step 5

Apply a smooth, thin layer of Mod Podge with a sponge brush. Be sure that each stroke goes in the same direction each time. Allow to dry completely before applying vinyl in the next step, otherwise the vinyl won’t transfer well.

painting Mod Podge on wood craft

Step 6

Load the SVG files into Design Space.

Cricut design program screen Magic of Christmas
Cricut design program screen with Believe in the Magic of Christmas

Hit the Make It button.

Cricut design program screen
Cricut design program screen Magic of Christmas

Apply vinyl to cutting mat. Load the mat into the machine.

Cricut design program vinyl settings

Once sized accordingly, adjust your machine’s setting or material dial to vinyl. Load the vinyl into your machine on the cutting grip mat and hit “go”.

Cricut machine ready to cut vinyl

Step 7

After the cut is complete, pull the extra vinyl away from the letters using a weeding tool.

wedding Cricut adhesive vinyl

Step 8

Apply transfer paper to the vinyl.

Cricut vinyl transfer

Step 9

Now decide where to apply the vinyl. Center the two vinyls on the wood sign. “Believe” should be about 5 inches down from the top of the sign. “Christmas” should be about 1 3/4 inches up from the bottom of the sign.

Apply pressure with your scraper tool over the entire design. Carefully remove the transfer paper, allowing the vinyl to adhere to the wooden sign.

wood craft Cricut vinyl transfer
wood craft vinyl transfer

For the letters that go over a crease in the wood sign, you can use a craft knife blade to make a small slit on the crease.

Apply another layer of Mod Podge over the vinyl to seal it.

Step 10

Add the jute rope through the hole, if you drilled one. If you’d like to add decorative Christmas florals to the sign, glue them on now.

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