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DIY Beaded Christmas Keychain

This festive DIY Christmas keychain is a great craft to make as gifts or to sell at craft fairs. By customizing beads and charms, you can create a variety of unique designs.

Once you have all of your supplies together, you can easily make this keychain in 15 minutes or less!

A beaded christmas ornament on a piece of paper.

Consider using this beaded keychain in the following ways:

  • House key for visiting friends and family
  • Surprising a child with keys to a car
  • Holiday design for the keys you carry every day
  • Great Secret Santa gift
  • Cute stocking stuffer
  • Perfect to sell at craft fairs
  • Excellent craft for teens and tweens
A Christmas ornament on a Christmas tree, resembling a festive Christmas keychain.

While the initial cost of buying the supplies might seem like a bit much if you don’t already have the materials, keep in mind that the beads, charms, wire and supplies can also be used to make these DIY Christmas bracelets:

You can make a variety of gifts with all of these materials.

DIY Beaded Christmas Keychain


Christmas ornaments and scissors on a marble table.


Step 1

Cut a piece of the jewelry wire to the length you would like your keychain to be, but add a little extra additional length for twisting and attaching the jump ring.

Step 2

Thread the jewelry wire through the end of the charm. Fold the jewelry wire up and twist it around the loop at the top of the charm to secure the charm at the bottom. 

Step 3

Add beads to the wire in the pattern that you would like. You may need to screwing them down over the folded wire at the bottom by twisting gently to get them over the double thickness of jewelry wire.

Continue adding beads to create the length and pattern you desire.

A christmas ornament with red and green beads.

Step 4

When you have completed the pattern, thread the unfinished end of the wire through a jump ring and twist it several times to secure the jump ring to the beaded wire.

Cut any excess wire away and tuck the bare end into the knot as tightly as possible.

Using wire pliers might be helpful for this step but I used my hands.

Step 5

Slide the jump ring onto the keychain.

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Create your own Christmas keychain with this easy DIY project that can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Use jewelry wire to also make these fun DIY projects:


Sunday 7th of January 2024

you have got such a great ideas for all age groups to be able to make some really great ornaments for all of their family and friends ...thank you for all of these great fun ideas...


Friday 12th of January 2024

Thank you so much, Madeline!