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DIY Clay Frog (Step by Step Photo Tutorial)

Our cute clay frog is easy to make with either air dry clay or modeling clay. While we made miniature frog figurines, you can make larger versions using this same step-by-step guide.

Clay Frog with an orange clay flower and lily pad on a blue background

This aquatic animal is perfect to add to a tiered tray, tuck on a shelf, bookshelf or window sill. It would even look great in a terrarium or plant pot!

Use the same supplies to make a clay fox or clay penguin, too!

How to Make a Clay Frog


Clay Frog Supplies laying flat on a white background


Step 1

The amount of clay you need will depend on how big you will make the frog.

Pinch off a large piece of green clay to become the frog body.

Roll the clay into a smooth ball shape. 

Step 2

Take the big clay ball and form an arch shape, round on top and flat on the bottom side.

This is the clay frog body.

Clay Frog Step 2

Step 3

Make a small hole at the bottom end of the clay. Then flatten out the edges.

This will help to keep the clay frog stand straight.

Clay Frog Step 3

Step 4

Pinch off a small amount of clay to make the 2 eye bases. Form 2 small, even ball shapes.

Clay Frog Step 4

Press the 2 small ball shapes on either side of the top (round side) of the frog body.

Clay Frog Step 5

Mold the balls to blend in with the clay on the base. You can use your fingers or a clay tool.

Clay Frog Step 6

Step 5

Pinch off another amount of green clay to make the side legs.

Form 2 smooth ball shapes of the same size, then roll them into cylinder shapes.

Clay Frog Step 8

Step 6

Make slight bends on a side of the clay cylinder shapes to form the side legs.

Clay Frog Step 9

Press the legs on either side of the frog body base.

Clay Frog Step 10

Step 7

Take 2 very small amounts of green clay and form small ball shapes for the front legs.

Clay Frog Step 11

Press them to the front side of the body base.

Clay Frog Step 12

Step 8

Using a small amount of pink clay, make 2 small balls for the blush spots.

Clay Frog Step 13

Press the cheeks on either side of the body underneath the eye pieces.

Clay Frog Step 14

Step 9

Using a small amount of black clay, make two small balls. Then flatten them to look like disks.

Press a round black disk on each of the eye pieces.

Clay Frog Step 15

Use another very small, thin piece of black clay to make a smile for the frog.

Step 10

Using a small amount of white clay, make two small balls. Press them to be flat disks.

Press the white flat disks on top of the black eyes.

Attach the black clay smile in-between the cheeks.

Clay Frog Step 16

Step 11

Add more details to the clay frog if you want to. We made a flower and a lily pad out of additional clay.

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